Now you can connect dropshippingXL to your Shopify store!

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As of 6 June 2022, dropshippingXL is available to download on the Shopify app store. This is great news for dropshippers that use Shopify for their ecommerce websites and are looking to benefit from the dropshippingXL programme.

How does the dropshippingXL app work?

  • Log into your Shopify account
  • Head to the Shopify app store and search for "vidaXL dropshipping"
  • Download the app
  • Request an API key from the dropshippingXL team and seamlessly sync your Shopify store with vidaXL's products
  • The "vidaXL dropshipping" app allows you to fully integrate your dropshippingXL account with your Shopify store. You will need to sign up to dropshippingXL to create an account for only €30 per month.


    The vidaXL dropshipping app has fantastic benefits:

  • Easily import vidaXL products to your Shopify store
  • Real-time updates of stock and pricing
  • Synchronise and manage product data
  • Automatic order processing when your customers make a purchase
  • Why choose dropshippingXL

    dropshippingXL is a dropshipping programme from the Dutch home and garden retail giant, vidaXL. Dropshippers pay a monthly subscription to have access to over 90,000 products within various categories: home and garden furniture, pet care products, sporting goods, baby accessories, children's toys, and DIY and industrial supplies.

    Short delivery times

    With warehouses in the Netherlands, Poland, Australia, and the US, your customers receive their items faster. Unlike our competitors that ship from East Asia, you won't have to worry about customer complaints after they wait for weeks for their products to arrive. vidaXL ships to 30+ countries worldwide including the UK, Europe, the US, Australia, and the UAE.

    Quality products your customers will love

    vidaXL lets customers "live it up for less." By sourcing your dropshipping products from us, your customers will have an amazing range of high-quality, stylish, on-trend items at an affordable price.

    Avoid the competition

    Dropshipping with popular suppliers in Asia makes it difficult to stand out to customers online. The market is saturated with the same products from the same supplier. Find original and unique dropshipping goods from vidaXL that will catch attention and get better sales.

    Join dropshippingXL

    Sign up to the dropshippingXL programme and create the ecommerce business you always wanted. Our 24/7 business support team, easy-to-use platform, and zero commission on sales make dropshippingXL the supplier for you.

    dropshippingxl intro blog