Why should you start a dropshipping business in Turkey?

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Turkey's population was estimated to be 85,534,876 people as of October 2021. The majority of this population consists of the age group of 31, which is younger than most European countries.

A younger population means a higher inclination towards technology, gadgets, eCommerce, and eventually online shopping. So, now is the time to venture into the online business world of Turkey. The market is filled with opportunities and you too can take advantage of it.

If you focus on the right business model, the eCommerce potential is huge here, especially for the dropshipping business model. The dropshipping business model offers scalability, flexibility, and requires a minimal upfront investment. That is why so many entrepreneurs are leaning towards dropshipping.

To give you a brief idea about the Turkish eCommerce market, here are some statistics that show how the ecommerce market is evolving:

eCommerce statistics in Turkey

  • According to Hurriyetdailynews, the total number of mobile phone subscribers in Turkey is 83.5 million.
  • In 2020 only, the eCommerce market value of Turkey was $12 billion.
  • These statistics are going to witness a compound annual growth rate of 22% in the next four years.
  • Turkey is one of the world's top 20 largest nominal GDP holder
  • Terms of dropshipping in Turkey

    1. Zero tolerance for late delivery

    Until 2005, there was a monopoly in the Turkish shipping market, but in recent years third-party express distribution has witnessed a significant rise. Since then, Turkish consumers expect a faster delivery service. That is why if you want to start a dropshipping business in Turkey, you should keep the delivery time limited to a max of four days. Dropshipping service providers such as dropshippingXL ensure that your product is delivered quickly and without delay.

    2. Payments

    Credit card payments account for more than 90% of payments done online. It was only after 2013 that E-wallets appeared in the Turkish market. Also, in 2015, PayPal was banned from Turkey, and people resorted to using credit cards, delivery cash, E-wallets, and e-vouchers. The key players in the E-wallet sector in Turkey are GPay, BKM Express, Papara, Mobilexpress, and Pay Cell.

    3. Geographical advantage

    Turkey is a bridge between European and Asian countries. Its neighbor to the northwest is Bulgaria; Greece to the west, and Georgia to the northeast. Cross-country shipping is also possible due to the proximity of these countries. So, if you are planning to dropship in Turkey, you can also target Greece and Bulgaria as the dropshipping trend is significantly on the rise in these European countries.

    4. Compliance with the law

    Turkey welcomes foreign direct investments by adhering to international business and dropshipping norms. The Turkish government makes it a priority to protect the rights of its investors. Their laws and structures provide a business environment where investors and dropshippers share equal rights. As a result, you can expect a profitable market without too many obstacles.

    Products to dropship in Turkey

    When you start a dropshipping business in Turkey, the main goal is to sell products that will attract the customers. Turkish citizens prefer quality clothing, athletic products, computer devices, household goods such as furniture, garden products, and sports and travel accessories.

    However, you must first earn the trust of your customers, which you can achieve by providing product reviews and ratings on your website. Turkish citizens are always willing to pay well for quality goods, so your only focus should be on quality products.

    Bottom Line

    Dropshipping service providers like dropshippingXL let you sell 50,000+ vidaXL products across many countries in the EU. You don't have to keep inventory or handle delivery or returns when you work with dropshippingXL.

    DropshippingXL's real-time feeds keep you up to date on products, pricing, stock, and order management. With API access and multiple payment options, dropshipping is as simple as it gets.

    Dropshipping is the business model for you if you're seeking a way to make money in Turkey with little investment. You only need minimal financial investment and resources, but the long-term benefits are substantial.

    dropshippingxl intro blog