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About Dropshipping Academy

Take advantage of our free courses for a step-by-step guide on how to use dropshippingXL. Each short course lets you go at your own pace, exploring everything from getting started to making your first sale.

Starting your dropshipping business can seem like a daunting task, but with our Dropshipping Academy, you'll be star seller in no-time!

We have three course levels so you can choose where to start your journey with us as follows...

Course levels

Each of the courses listed in the next section is designed to fit your level of experience with dropshipping.


Are you completely new to dropshipping? Our beginner courses are the perfect place to start. Learn how to set up your store from scratch. No experience or technical knowledge needed!


Skip to the intermediate course if you already have some knowledge of the dropshipping model and have a business idea in mind. This course offers clear instructions to build your e-commerce store.​


For the more experienced dropshippers, our advanced courses are designed for those looking to grow a dropshipping store they already have running.

The advanced courses will be available soon. You can start your journey with our beginner and intermediate course for now.

Our courses

Beginner & Intermediate

Explore our beginner and intermediate courses to get yourself started with dropshippingXL. 

Once you are set up, move through the advanced courses to make the most of the tools we have available.

Course 1: Dropshipping

Start here if you are completely new to dropshipping. We'll be covering what is dropshipping, where to start selling and an introduction to building your store.

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Course 2: Find your niche

Continue with this beginner course as you work on your dropshipping business plan. We'll be covering niche selection, market research and branding.

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Course 3: Let's XL

Get the ball rolling with this guide on how to set up your dropshipping store. You'll learn how to register with dropshippingXL, site integrations and plugins.

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