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Don't restrict your business potential by only selling domestically. Reach millions of online consumers in market niches across the world. How is it possible? By starting a dropshipping ecommerce business.

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What is cross-border dropshipping?

Cross-border, or xborder, ecommerce is the trade of goods to an international audience. Cross-border dropshipping is an accessible way to sell to other countries without investing in stock, warehousing or shipping products yourself.

Benefits of cross-border dropshipping:
1. Increased number of potential customers
2. Higher sales and revenue
3. Customer demand all-year-around
4. Build a global brand
5. An opportunity with little risk

How to do cross-border dropshipping

Getting started isn't as difficult as you might think. Follow these steps to access all the benefits of international business:

1. Identify a niche

First, you need to have a product niche if you don't already. This is where you can research products and trends in ecommerce.

Look for a gap in the market. Is there a space for you to sell a range of products to a neglected market? It doesn't need to be a sparkling new product.

DIt might be how you market the product and the customer experience,you provide that makes you stand out from the competition.

2. Competitive research

Find out who your competitors are. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Create a competitive report ,to help you identify a gap in the market.

This will also help you distinguish your unique brand image.

3. Country statistics

Get the best insight into which countries to target by researching key stats. There are a lot of free resources online such as Data Reportal and Statista.

The critical data to review include internet penetration rates, smartphone penetration rates, average internet speed, age demographic of internet users, most popular websites for ecommerce, and consumer expectations from online shopping.

Once you have identified the best countries to target, think about the cost. Draw up the advantages and disadvantages of investing advertising budget for each country.

4. Establish customer personas

With all the information you have gathered,create your customer-buying personas per country. This will benefit you when creating your advertising campaigns, marketing, and customer support for each nation.

5. Update your delivery times

Make sure your customers are aware of the delivery details. Include information on your shipping page and during the checkout process. Customers will want to know the estimated time for delivery of orders for each country or region.

6. Use a trusted dropshipping supplier

Sourcing products, warehousing, stock management, and order fulfilment are organised for you by a dropshipping supplier.

To ensure your international customers are happy, make sure to use a reliable supplier such as dropshippingXL.

dropshippingXL offers over 90,000 products to retail in over 33 countries including the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, and the UAE. In addition, benefit from a dedicated business support team and prompt order fulfilment from global warehouses.

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