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Features include:

  • Easy import of vidaXL products on to your webshop
  • Real-time price and stock updates
  • Graphical interface that allows easy category mapping
  • It allows you to define your own category margins
  • Optional: Automatic order-forwarding module + track and trace support

Features include:

  • Automated product synchronization
  • Real-time vidaXL’s stock and price updates
  • Graphical interface for easy mapping of supplier categories
  • Define your own margins by category
  • Easily sync and manage product data
  • Compatible with both Magento Community and Enterprise versions.

Features include:

  • Import the (total) product assortment of vidaXL.
  • Automatic order processing to vidaXL
  • Define margin above the purchase price of vidaXL.
  • Real-time stock and price updates
  • Returns are automatically handled by vidaXL

For support & questions related to the integration of vidaXL’s product feed please contact [email protected]