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Integration Partners

dropshippingXL provides multiple integration options to connect your online store. As a vidaXL dropshipper, you can use our API to connect to various Plugins or join supported Dropshipping Marketplaces. For more guidance, visit our Dropshipping Academy for beginner courses. You can also find helpful articles and guides on our blog, and our agents are always ready to help you with your dropshipping business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are plugins?

    Plugins are software tools that allow you to integrate specific functionalities or services into your ecommerce platform or website. In the context of dropshippingXL, the plugins are designed to help you connect your online store with vidaXL, facilitating tasks such as importing product information, managing inventory, updating pricing, and in some cases, select plugins also support automatic order processing to vidaXL.

  • Should I pay a separate fee for plugins?

    Yes. Plugins may provide a free trial period, but it's important to note that external developers are subject to an additional plugin subscription fee. However, specific details regarding the amount or conditions for this fee could be different for every plugin.

  • What are dropshipping marketplaces?

    Dropshipping marketplaces are online platforms that collaborate with various suppliers like vidaXL. These marketplaces have incorporated vidaXL's products into their own systems. Through these dropshipping marketplaces, Dropshippers can connect their e-commerce websites or marketplace stores (such as eBay or Amazon) with these platforms. This connection enables Dropshippers to easily import and offer the products they choose to sell onto their own web stores without needing to manage inventory.

  • How do I integrate vidaXL products into my webshop?

    To integrate vidaXL products into your webshop using dropshippingXL, start by signing up on the dropshippingXL platform and selecting the country where you'll sell. Pay the monthly fee of €30 and await account verification. Once approved, access the product feed containing details like descriptions and prices. Utilize any provided plugins or API tools for seamless integration into your webshop, importing vidaXL product data. Customize product listings, set prices, and manage your online store's orders while dropshippingXL handles order fulfillment and shipping logistics, allowing you to sell vidaXL products hassle-free.

  • What is feed?

    In the context of dropshippingXL, a feed refers to a data feed that contains essential product information such as product details, pricing, stock availability, and other relevant data. This feed is typically provided in .csv or .xml format and is used by sellers to import product information into their online stores or platforms.

  • How often do the data feeds get updated?

    The data feeds, including inventory, pricing, and product information, are updated on a regular basis. The inventory is updated hourly, while pricing is updated daily. This ensures that sellers have access to the most current information to manage their online stores efficiently.

  • What is API?

    An Application Programming Interface (API) acts as a communication mechanism between different software platforms, enabling the seamless transfer of live data, such as inventory quantities and pricing, from our supplier's database directly to your dropshipping store.

    By integrating your webshop with dropshippingXL using the API, you can automate the transmission of orders to dropshippingXL, ensuring a smooth order process. Additionally, this connection allows you to access real-time updates on stock and prices, ensuring that your store reflects the most current pricing information. Furthermore, you'll receive immediate notifications regarding tracking numbers and order invoices, streamlining your fulfillment and customer service processes.

  • How can I use API?

    To use API, we have enabled the API token for each activated account in order to use the API connection with

    You can find the API token by clicking “MY ACCOUNT”. To set up the API, please click here for more information.

    With this token, you can easily integrate our API with your webshop. This integration involves using the API token provided to establish the connection between dropshippingXL and your online store, allowing for the exchange of data and functionality between the two platforms.

  • Why should I use a plugin?

    Using a plugin simplifies the process of syncing your online store with vidaXL's data. Our recommended plugins streamline your work by automatically updating product information in your online stores, saving time and effort. With these plugins, you can import the complete range of vidaXL products along with product details like images, descriptions, and prices, allowing you to set your own margins. Moreover, these plugins enable automatic real-time updates for stock levels and prices, ensuring that your store's information stays current.

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