How to Register

Ready to start your dropshipping business? Follow the steps below to open your dropshippingXL partner account.

Step 1

Sign up on our website with a valid email address and password. A verification link will be sent to your inbox, inviting you to log in using the details you just provided.

Step 2

Once logged in, click “Create Reseller Account”.

You can create multiple reseller accounts, but only one billing address can be used per reseller account.

You can only have one pending account on your dashboard at a time. If you wish to create more accounts, please submit the status of your pending account to your dropshippingXL contact. This will be changed to “Pending verification”. Once approved, you will be able to make a new account.

Step 3

Select the partner account you will be opening: “Business” or “Private

If you possess a valid tax number (i.e. VAT in Europe), please select business.If you do not have a valid tax number, please select private.

Step 4

Select your selling country.The selling country you select will determine the product catalogue and currency assigned to your account.

Step 5

If you have chosen to open a Business account, you are required to fill in a valid tax number.

If the provided number is valid, the billing information fields will be automatically filled in (except for ES and DE). Once this step is completed, no changes can be made to the form.

If you have selected a Business account, you will be requested to upload a copy of your tax document (for DE/ES/U.S.).

If you selected a private account, you can skip this step.

If the provided VAT number is invalid, you are required to change the information that you have provided or return to Step 3.

Step 6

Fill in required billing details

For Business, these should be the same details provided for your valid tax number.

For Private, fill in the required billing details, including your business contact name and phone number.

Step 7

Hit Subscribe Now and make the payment using Paypal.

Once payment is successful, you will be redirected back to dropshippingXL’s registration portal.

Please note: to successfully subscribe, you need to wait for the page to bring you back to dropshippingXL’s registration portal.

Bare in mind that if your Paypal account does not match the tax number provided, our team will not be able to process your request..

Step 8

Fill in email, webshop and webshop platform details to confirm your registration.

Step 9

The information that you have submitted will be reviewed by the dropshippingXL B2B team. You can login to your account to view your account’s progress.

Step 10

Once your account has been verified you will receive a welcome email and a new login email to For how to use, please kindly check the dropshipper guide in the Help Center.

Login and let your dropshipping journey commence!

Cross Border Account Creation

A cross-border account is another type of account that allows you to sell vidaXL products in a different country.

Please note: You can only use one reseller account for one country.

Step 1

To create a new Reseller Account , please login to Once logged in, click on the Add New Reseller Country button, located on the right corner of your screen.

Step 2

Select your Selling Country and click Next Step.

Step 3

Choose your reseller type and click Next Step. If you want to create another reseller account, you can choose Use Reseller Create A New Reseller. It will lead you back to the registration page. From there, repeat the steps from Step 2.