Go Cross Borders and Conquer the World

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Globalization and the internet have shrunk the world and created a truly global village. This is a great development from a business perspective, because it presents the opportunity to cut physical borders and reach customers despite their geographical locations.

However, going cross borders is not something that will happen by itself. To showcase your products and services, you will need to use the power of the digital medium. The digital medium is not limited to marketing alone, it involves multiple processes such as logistics, web development and customer support.

How do you plan on reaching potential customers? companies like dropshippingXL, have tapped into the digital medium's opportunities, through its streamlined marketing, logistics and web development processes.

Marketing — Show off what you've got to the world

Go cross-borders with the help of different digital strategies like SEO, content marketing, branding, pay-per-click advertising, e-mail marketing and online marketplaces. These strategies will help present products and services to your target audience, regardless of their geographic locations.

Logistics - ship products worldwide

Innovations in the world of logistics have made cross-border shipments possible without costing a ton of money. A popular logistics strategy is horizontal collaboration, this type of strategy is when multiple shippers work together, with the intention of optimizing freight movement. In most cases, freight is bundled and sent to logistics providers, who make sure that items are brought to their respective destinations. The benefit that comes with this strategy is the concept that customers can order products from any part of the world, and have the items delivered to their doorstep. In relation to the benefits that this strategy brings, is the fact that additional costs and congestion have greatly been reduced and has provided the opportunity to cater to a global customer base.

A strategy which is commonly used by global retailers is dropshipping. This is when retailers do not hold on to products, instead, they transfer their customers' orders to their manufacturers. This strategy cuts time, reduces extra effort and helps deliver the best products to customers. VidaXL, an international ecommerce company, offers a wide range of products and categories. They help retailers cut across borders, so that their customers can enjoy their products without ever having to worry about their location.

Web development — Create the right online "feel"

Today, you can hire talented professionals from different parts of the world and make them develop a world-class website/application. Let's say, you have a database expert in Australia, a front-end developer in Canada, and a programmer in France. they can put their expertise together and create the product of your choice. The emergence of online collaboration and communication tools have made working together easier and faster. Talented workers living in different parts of the world are not constrained by geographic boundaries or time differences. When they come together, the final product is sure to be top notch.

dropshippingxl intro blog