Who should become an affiliate?

Anyone with an audience interested in ecommerce can apply.

  • You might be a:
  • Content creator
  • Social media influencer
  • Business writer
  • Podcast host
  • Agency, media, or developer experts
  • Ecommerce professional

What are the benefits?

  • Help entrepreneurs become successful dropshippers
  • Make passive income - 100% commission for first 3 months!
  • Exclusive partner offers
  • Full access to marketing materials
  • Dedicated affiliate team for support
  • Global programs

How it works

Start earning in 3 simple steps:

Sign up

Create a free account to become a dropshippingXL affiliate.

Generate conversions

Promote dropshippingXL to your audience with your unique URL link.

Get paid

Earn 100% commission for the first 3 months. Commission payments are sent to you each month.

Start earning now

Frequently asked questions

1. How does the DropshippingXL Affiliate Program work?

After signing up, you'll be provided with your affiliate ID and you will get access to text links, banner ads, and other marketing materials you can use to promote dropshippingXL. For each person that uses your link or banner, a cookie is set to remember that you referred that customer. If they sign up for an account within 90 days of clicking your link and become a paid sign-up customer, you'll earn a commission for that referral.

2. How much can I earn?

You earn 100% commission of the subscription fee for the first three months of joining the program. For every person who signs up to dropshippingXL through your affiliate link, you will receive up to 90€. If a customer signs up through your affiliate link and pays our subscription fee of 30€, you will get 30€ for the first month. If this customer stays with us and pays in the second month, you will get another 30€. Likewise, you will receive 30€ commission in the third month if the customer continues to pay.

3. Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

No, it’s free to join our affiliate program, and there is no minimum sales level or other requirements.

4. How and when do I receive the payment?

Approved transactions are paid 30 days after the end of the day actions are locked (Actions are locked 20 day(s) after the end of the month they are tracked). For example, if a customer pays the subscription fee through your affiliate link on July 19th, action will lock on Aug 21 00:00, and you will be paid on Sep 20.

Choose to be paid to your PayPal account or by bank transfer.

5. How long does the tracking cookie last?

The cookie lasts for 90 days. This means that you will receive commission from every paying customer that signed up from your referral link during the first 90 days from their first visit.

6. I live outside Europe, can I still join your program?

Yes, you can join our program from most countries worldwide.

7. Do you supply images and videos to help me with promotion?

Yes, we will offer images, videos, text links, deals, coupons, discount codes, and other marketing materials you can use to promote dropshippingXL.

8. How do I contact dropshippingXL if I have questions about the affiliate program?

Our team is here to support you every step of the way with content ideas, versatile marketing materials and resources, and useful tips. Feel free to email us: [email protected].