Get Noticed With the Help of These 5 Marketing Tools

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If you’re a seller who constantly adds new products to their store, your goal would likely be to get these new products noticed. Getting new products noticed by your customers is easy, it’s getting the right ones noticed that is the tricky part. Not to worry, we have prepared a list marketing tools that will assist you in getting your new product noticed.

Email Marketing

Relationships with your customers are give-and-take, you need to understand that your customers want to hear from you, that’s why if you haven’t already created a way for them to subscribe to your updates, make one. Nowadays email marketing is seen as one of the most affordable ways to promote a product with rapid returns, but this is only applicable when you are communicating with the right target audience. If you have considered making use of email marketing as a strategy to get your customer’s attention, (1) avoid sending email blasts to your entire list. Instead, do your research and gather some data; it will help you target the right customers. Be sure to (2) verify your email list, as this will ensure high deliverability with your email marketing campaigns. (3) Segment your email lists, as it will assist you in finding subscribers who are most likely interested in your promotion.

Allow your customers to invest in a loyalty programme

Loyalty programs will help you improve your customer value, generate more purchases, and even improve average order value. They can be used not only to promote new products but also to increase your sales when used correctly. If you haven’t considered making use of a loyalty program yet, here are some of the perfect strategies when implementing one:

  • Reach out to your returning customers with special promotions on your products.
  • Showcase a discount on your products catered to specific participants.
  • Encourage your customers to sign up and make use of a point system that allows them to redeem items once they have met a specific amount of purchases.

Product Recommendations

Multiple e-commerce platforms now make use of product recommendations to enhance their customer’s shopping experience. There are numerous opportunities on your site that will allow you to list a promoted product:

  • Place the product on your home page as a featured product.
  • List it as a related product, similar to Amazon’s “people who bought this also bought”.
  • As a recommended product on category pages.
  • Recommend the product in your customer’s shopping cart before they check-out.

Create a Gift Guide

Gift Guides are great content pieces that generate organic traffic over time, but only if done right. List the product that you want to promote and include other related items that fit the theme of the gift guide. (Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s day, etc.) So the more value you put into the list, the more likely it is to see a lot of social shares, links, organic, and referral traffic.

Promote and Sell on Multiple Marketplaces

If you are someone who wants to expand their business and fast, selling your products through a marketplace is an option you should consider. Its benefits are endless. Selling on external marketplaces assists you in continuing to run a hustle-free business because you will not need to maintain the marketplaces’ frontend or functionalities. Get to know more about selling on marketplaces by clicking here.

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