Order cancellation

Does your end customer want to cancel their order?

Check the order in “Order History” on your dropshippingXL account. If the tracking shows the item has already been delivered, unfortunately it is too late to cancel the order.

dropshippingXL customer services only handle cancellation request before item is shipped for United States orders placed since 01-12-2023.

If the item is still in transit:

  • Ask your end customer to refuse the packages at delivery
  • Inform dropshippingXL customer services and include
    • Order number
    • Return and refund request
  • dropshippingXL customer services will contact the carrier to request them to return the parcels to the sender.
  • If it is confirmed that the order has been successfully returned, the refund will be processed.

If the item has not been shipped:

  • Ask dropshippingXL customer services to cancel the order and include:
    • Order number
    • Refund request
  • Note: It is best to first contact us via the chat feature on our B2B site. Check the most recent opening hours.

  • We will confirm the cancellation
  • Sometimes your order may be in the final stages of shipment and cannot be stopped. We must first contact our Logistics team and will notify you as soon as we receive their confirmation.