10 indoor products to dropship in 2023

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Start dropshipping some trending indoor products. Here's our roundup of ten items to consider selling in your ecommerce store.

1. Radiator covers

For aesthetic and safety reasons, many online shoppers are searching for radiator covers. Google Ads shows that the term "radiator covers" had an average of 100 thousand - 1 million searches per month between August 2022 and August 2023 (across the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, and Spain).

vidaXL White MDF Radiator Cover (EAN: 8718475938620)

Types of radiator covers:

  • Solid pine wood or MDF
  • Horizontal slat design
  • Persian screen design

Key selling points of radiator covers:

  • Prevent burn injuries from exposed radiators
  • Protect radiators from damage
  • Create a shelf above the radiator for decor, books or photos

2. Long-drop pendant lighting

Long-drop, also known as low-hanging lighting, is the style of pendant lights with long ceiling cords. They are popular for creating an intimate atmosphere by bringing the light source closer to eye-level rather than high above your head.

Most often used in stairwells, dining rooms, kitchens, and rooms with high ceilings, this type of lighting is useful for illuminating a focal point from above. This works very well for dining tables, for example, where table lamps are impractical.

Long-drop pendant lighting is set to be a continued trend for home interiors in 2024. According to Google Ads, the term "long drop light" had a notable spike in the number of searches per month by 900% (between August 2022 and August 2023 across the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, and Spain).

vidaXL Set of 2 Ceiling Lamps 50cm (EAN: 8718475733003)

Types of low-hanging lights:

  • Industrial design
  • Spiral raindrop crystal chandeliers
  • Tiered pendant lighting
  • Multi-light pendants

Key selling points for low-hanging lights:

  • A stylish way to add a cosy atmosphere to the home
  • Spotlight areas of a room without using floor or table space (unlike lamps)
  • Easy to reach when changing light bulbs
  • Practical for rooms where ceilings are very high

3. Clothing rack

For setting up an open wardrobe, a clothing rack is a furniture item that shoppers love. Unlike a traditional wardrobe, a clothing rack is similar to those used in shops, where trousers, tops, dresses, and jackets can be hung up and easy to see.

Small living arrangements are ideal for the use of a clothing rack. When a large closed wardrobe won't fit, a clothing rack offers a practical solution. Those that are extra-organised appreciate a clothing rack for hanging their outfits for the next day and to help visually put outfits together.

Certain clothing rack designs, such as the vidaXL wooden rack below, are also handy for steaming clothes. The narrow build means that one or two pieces of clothing can be carefully steamed at a time. Additional storage details are a thoughtful touch for dedicating a space to jewellery and accessories for a certain outfit.

vidaXL Clothing Rack with Cabinet (EAN: 8718475996767)

Types of clothing racks:

  • Solid wood
  • Metal frames
  • Additional shelving and drawers
  • In-built mirror
  • Wheels for ease of use
  • Single or double rack

Key selling points of a clothing rack:

  • Great for those working in fashion
  • An alternative to closed wardrobes
  • A dedicated space to hang an outfit for the next day
  • Open design allows for ventilation of the clothes

4. Antique-style desk

With the rise in remote workers since the Covid pandemic, desks and home office furniture are top selling products online. Rather than just appealing to the online customers with a low budget, consider higher-end desks.

Solid wood desks with an antique style are an appealing piece to furnish a home study. They are sturdy, well-built, and have a high standard of craftsmanship. Although they may seem to be an investment piece, better quality desks will be a worthwhile purchase to the online shoppers that prefer antique style.

Many solid wooden antique-style desks are quite affordable and fit into both 'new money' and 'old money' home interior design.

vidaXL Wooden French Desk with Curved Legs (EAN:8718475926412)

Types of antique-style desk:

  • French Versailles era inspired desks
  • Curved table legs
  • Dainty and well-build drawers
  • Detailed metal-hanging drawer handles
  • Victorian or Edwardian style

Key selling points of an antique-style desk:

  • Timeless design
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Supreme longevity that will last for years
  • For those that don't like flat pack furniture

5. Boxing speed ball

Indoor athletic equipment is popular for entertainment and fitness at home. For dropshipping in this category, there are a number of customer segments that are interested. For example, parents appreciate ways to encourage children and teenagers to spend time offline. Adult homeowners like to purchase fun items to keep themselves and friends entertained.

A boxing speed ball is a small hanging punching bag. It is used for training in boxing, which is a sport that has gained a large following recently. There has been a rise in the number of boxing gyms, studios, and boxing classes in many urban areas.

Ideal for stress-relief, boxing can be practised at home without attending a professional gym.

vidaXL Speed Ball Platform Set (EAN: 8718475843689)

Key selling points for a boxing speed ball:

  • Easy to set up at home
  • Takes up a small amount of space
  • Affordable piece of fitness equipment
  • Not electrical and doesn't require batteries
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Increase stamina and boxing performance

6. Dog sofa

Dogs are the number one most common pet in the world. According to TGM Research in 2023, 59% of pet owners across the globe have a dog. These canine family members love to nap, which means dog beds are always a hot item to sell online.

Dog beds give a comfortable space for pets to sleep and rest without ruining the furniture in the house reserved for the humans. Now, there are dog beds in all types of styles and designs. Dog sofas are particularly popular for their novelty of looking like a miniature version of a regular sofa.

Velvet dog sofas with curved backs and art deco aesthetic not only bring glam to the home but they are a fun conversation started with guests.

vidaXL Plush Dog Sofa in Navy Blue (EAN: 8720286315095)

Types of dog sofas:

  • Art deco loveseat
  • Sofas with rolled arm rests
  • Decadent futons
  • Foldable dog sofas
  • Faux leather chaise lounge

Key selling points for a dog sofa:

  • Keep dogs off the human sofas
  • Comfortable place for dogs to rest and sleep
  • Stylish pet furniture to match your interiors

7. Kids toy easel

Who never had a kids toy easel when they were growing up? The toy easel is a classic children's play set that simply every kid should get to enjoy. Almost every child feels inspired by instinct to be like Picasso, so letting them have a place to paint, draw, and get creative is a no-brainer.

What makes the toy easel so fun is that it makes the child feel like an adult. The standing easel lets kids feel like a teacher or a professional artist and encourages playtime. It is an easy way to set up an art station without needing to use a table or desk.

vidaXL 3-in-1 Kids Easel Learning Set (EAN: 8720286503720)

Key selling points for kids toy easel:

  • Art station without any fuss
  • Keep pens, crayons, and paints in the attached compartments
  • Great for kids that can't sit still
  • Fun indoor entertainment for children

8. Sustainable baby bouncer

New parents that are eco-conscious prefer baby products that have minimal impact on the environment. Baby items are notorious for using a lot of plastic including baby toys, carriers, bowls and cutlery, high chairs, and playpens. Offering these consumers an eco-friendly option is a way to stand out from other online competitors.

Small living arrangements are ideal for the use of a clothing rack. When a large closed wardrobe won't fit, a clothing rack offers a practical solution. Those that are extra-organised appreciate a clothing rack for hanging their outfits for the next day and to help visually put outfits together.

A baby bouncer made from sustainable beechwood and cotton hammock would appeal to mums and dads that want to make careful purchases. This model of baby bouncer boasts minimal use of plastic and arguably has better craftsmanship than a cheaper, non-sustainable alternative.

This type of baby bouncer not only looks good with home interiors, especially Scandinavian design, but the quality of the product makes it a joy to hand down to other new parents or use again for other siblings. It has been thoughtfully made, cosy and comfortable for baby, and is a stylish way to calm a nervous little one.

Childhome Evolux Beechwood Bouncer (EAN: 5420007160456)

Key selling points for a baby bouncer:

  • Soothing movement of the bouncer calms baby
  • Ergonomic design for optimum comfort
  • Buckles to keep baby safe
  • Soft washable cover
  • Sturdy beechwood frame

9. Stone sink

Homeowners can create their own spa by installing a stone sink. Bathrooms don't have to be boring with regular porcelain. Stone sinks are eye-catching with their smooth glimmering curves. Some stone sinks keep the natural beauty of the rough cut stone on the outside.

Stone sinks are an indoor product to dropship if you want to target an audience that likes luxurious-looking interiors. These basins are reminiscent of high-end hotels and five-star spas. The natural materials add a grounding touch to the home where it might otherwise feel clinical or dull.

vidaXL River Stone Oval Basin (EAN: 8718475966005)

Types of stone sinks:

  • Deep river stone basin
  • Shallow river stone basin
  • Marble sink

Key selling points for a stone sink:

  • Stunning natural beauty
  • Make a bathroom look like a spa
  • Unique piece

10. Woven baskets

The Scandinavian aesthetic has been gaining momentum for several years and doesn't seem to be slowing down. The calm, simple, cosy elements of the interior style appeal to almost everyone.

Woven baskets are made using natural fibres, such as knotted maize leaves, which helps to make a room feel more earthy. Large woven baskets can be used to hide plain house plant containers or to store items including blankets and toys.

These chic decorative indoor items offer a simple and sustainable solution for storage as an alternative to plastic.

House Nordic Basket with Handles (EAN: 5713917001804)

Key selling points for a woven basket:

  • Rustic appeal
  • Sustainable materials
  • Long-lasting and not easy to break
  • Smaller woven baskets can be used as a cat bed

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