11 gazebos and canopies to dropship in 2023

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Canopies and gazebos are garden items to dropship thanks to the rapid expansion of the outdoor retail industry.

Specifically, the outdoor living structure market is set to be a profitable business area. According to Grand View Research, 2021, the global outdoor living structure market (including pavilions, gazebos, and pergolas) revenue forecast for 2030 is USD 2.9 billion.

What products do consumers in this niche want to purchase? We have 11 gazebo and canopy product recommendations for you to start dropshipping.

1. Pyramid roof gazebo

A traditional pyramid-roof gazebo has four sides and a pointed top. Gazebos provide shelter and shade in an outdoor space to make dining and lounging more comfortable. A square gazebo is the classic style and popular for upscaling a plain garden, lawn, or deck.

Fabric sidewalls can be tied back to make it feel more open. During cooler evenings or breezy or light rainy weather conditions, the curtain walls can be closed to create a cosy and protected space.

vidaXL Gazebo with Sidewalls and Double Roof, 3x3m (EAN: 8720286189030)

Key selling points of a pyramid gazebo:

  • Elegant square design
  • Premium materials such as powder-coated steel
  • Fabric sidewalls for protection against the elements

2. Gazebo with string lights

Online shoppers who are in the market for something a little more special will not be disappointed with a gazebo with string lights. There's no better way to impress guests than with outdoor dining under a gazebo with built-in ambient lighting.

Solar-powered string lights make this dropshipping product even more appealing. Consumers don't need to worry about high electricity bills or installing outdoor electric cables.

vidaXL White Gazebo with LED String Lights, 3x4m (EAN: 8720286365656)

Key selling points for a gazebo with string lights:

  • String lighting adds ambience to the garden
  • Ideal for evening events and parties
  • There is no need to worry about the energy bill with solar-powered lights

3. Pergola with curtains

Pergolas are large outdoor structures that are made of columns and a roofing grid. The slanted or flat roof is open, featuring slats or a criss-cross design so that a canopy can be attached to provide shade if desired. It differs from a gazebo that has a permanent "closed" roof, which completely shelters guests underneath.

The first pergolas are thought to date back to the Ancient Egyptians and were mainly used by the wealthy. Since then, pergolas have kept their high-status look and are favoured for this reason. They can also be used to cover walkways in addition to an outdoor seating area.

vidaXL Gazebo with Curtains, 3x3m, Cream Steel (EAN: 8719883745664)

Key selling points of a pergola:

  • The retractable roof canopy makes it versatile
  • Curtains create an open or private space
  • Ideal for outdoor seating, lounges, and dining areas

4. Victorian-style pavilion

Victorian and Elizabethan styles are preferred by gardeners in areas with the conditions to grow lush foliage. The Victorians favoured iron-wrought pavilions in their English country gardens. They were used to create impressive rose-covered structures to adorn their meticulous lawns.

Today, Victorian and Elizabethan garden designs are still fashionable. The ornate and intricate detailing of a Victorian-inspired pavilion make it a charming item that allures garden owners in wetter climates. Roses, honeysuckle, clematis, and star jasmine are just a few species of climbing plants that gardens can grow on a Victorian pavilion structure.

vidaXL Garden Pavilion Antique Brown (EAN: 8718475718826)

Key selling points of a Victorian-style pavilion:

  • Beautiful ironwork detailing
  • An open metal framework is ideal for climbing plants
  • Romantic style

5. Pop-up marquee

For large outdoor gatherings such as garden weddings, functions, parties, and corporate events, a pop-up marquee is essential. These temporary structures come in various sizes, from medium to extra-large, and are an affordable alternative to professional marquee hire.

Certain models feature floor-to-ceiling windows for extra light and to see outside. Other models have smaller windows for creating a more private event space. Dropshipping a pop-up marquee will appeal to corporate event organisers, wedding planners, and individuals who want to plan a grand private gathering.

vidaXL Folding Pop-Up Party Tent Marquee (EAN: 8718475706632)

Key selling points for a pop-up marquee:

  • Quick and stress-free set-up
  • Affordable marquee option
  • Removable marquee walls made of durable PVC-coated Oxford cloth
  • Holds hundreds of guests at large events

6. Pavilion with built-in seating

For garden owners that need to kill two birds with one stone, a pavilion with built-in seating is great for those that have an outdoor shelter, benches, and a bistro table on their shopping list. A pavilion that is already attached to two garden sofas also offers more structure and stability to the frame.

Not everyone has time or interest in designing and setting up an outdoor relaxation area with all the trimmings. A pavilion with built-in seating targets consumers who want easy and stress-free outdoor furniture. The petite dimensions make it ideal for compact garden spaces.

vidaXL Garden Pavilion with Table and Benches (EAN: 8718475507819)

Key selling points for a pavilion with built-in seating:

  • There is no need to buy seating
  • A cost-effective gazebo purchase
  • Ideal for compact gardens and patios

7. Gazebo with wooden trellis

An alternative to metal frameworks, natural wood is a material that some garden owners prefer for outdoor gazebos and pavilions. Especially for gardens that have trees, woodland, or an orchard, a wooden gazebo could be seen as more complementary to the natural surroundings.

A gazebo with a wooden trellis is an option for those who want to grow climbing plants but not cover the entire structure. A canvas roof offers a softer look and more protective shelter than a natural plant covering. The large size of the trellis on each corner of the gazebo allows space for flower beds or plant boxes beneath.

vidaXL Wooden Gazebo with Cream Roof (EAN: 8719883992549)

Key selling points for a gazebo with a wooden trellis:

  • Perfect for a keen gardener
  • Trellis offers support for growing climbing plants
  • Wooden frame for a natural aesthetic

8. Round gazebo

As you may have noticed, most gazebos, marquees, and pavilions have a square or hexagonal structure. For those who would prefer a less-angular design, a round gazebo is another option.

The circular shape forms a smooth, domed roof. The harmonious effect of the circle frame brings a sense of peace, unity, and completeness that is appreciated in a garden space intended for unwinding and taking in the natural surroundings.

vidaXL Round Gazebo with Curtains (EAN: 8718475908852)

Key selling points for a round gazebo:

  • Circular shapes suit certain landscape designs
  • Circles represent unity, harmony, and completeness
  • Smooth, curved dome roof without the angular lines of a square gazebo

9. Camping gazebo

For campers, tourers, and adventurers, a camping gazebo is a piece of kit that is ideal for making outdoor living more comfortable. A camping gazebo quickly constructs an additional outdoor "room" to use outside of a tent. Lounging in a tent may feel claustrophobic and cramped, whereas a camping gazebo lets campers escape their sleeping quarters but still remain sheltered.

Large camping groups and gatherings can also benefit from a camping gazebo. The spacious covered area has room for a group to gather and socialise. Removable walls offer the flexibility of adding privacy or extra shelter from the elements.

Bo-Camp Shelter (EAN: 8712013722009)

Key selling points for a camping gazebo:

  • Pop-up camping shelters require little effort to set up
  • Instantly create a space to relax and take shelter from the sun
  • Waterproof, UV-resistant and flame-retardant

10. Curved garden canopy

As we've seen, gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas can be fairly sizable structures for the garden. For consumers who are looking for something less prominent and striking, an uncomplicated garden canopy is just the ticket.

This type of garden structure is minimal yet still offers plenty of shade from the sun. The curved slope of the roof adds a little flair and interest to an otherwise plain design.

vidaXL Canopy in Cream (EAN: 8720845728335)

Key selling points for a curved garden canopy:

  • Simple and minimalist structure
  • A curved roof offers an interesting design
  • Great for those who only want a roof shelter without walls or curtains

11. Marquee with mosquito nets

For outdoor summer gatherings without bug bites, a marquee with mosquito nets is a tempting product for consumers. This style of gazebo has six walls with netting that offers protection from pesky insects. When it's safe to enjoy the gazebo without the curtains, they can easily be removed or pulled back to open the space.

Unlike normal PVC-coated marquee walls, sheer mosquito nets are a subtle alternative that allow for an element of privacy. This makes it an ideal garden structure to dropship in hot, dry, or humid climates that don't require shelter from light rain or wind.

vidaXL Hexagonal Pop-up Marquee with Nets (EAN: 8718475973652)

Key selling points for a marquee with mosquito nets:

  • Netting is a more open option than opaque marquee walls
  • Mosquito nets prevent insect bites while outside
  • The marquee's movable net walls make it versatile

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