12 dropshipping products to sell this Christmas (2022)

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Prepare your dropshipping store for the Christmas rush by adding these 12 winning products to your inventory.

Types of products to dropship at Christmas

In the countdown to Christmas, product sales across all categories will increase thanks to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday , Cyber Monday, gift-buying, end-of-year work bonuses, and overall generosity during the festive season.

These are the types of products to consider selling:

Seasonal: Christmas decorations including indoor and outdoor festive lights, garlands, Christmas trees, large outdoor inflatable decorations, and indoor statues of Santa, elves, nutcrackers, and deer.

Gifts: Christmas decorations including indoor and outdoor festive lights, garlands, Christmas trees, large outdoor inflatable decorations, and indoor statues of Santa, elves, nutcrackers, and deer.

Pets: products for enthusiastic pet parents are great for gifts. These include toys designed to keep pets entertained and eliminate destructive behaviour.

High ticket items: expensive products that retail for around €200+ each are a golden opportunity to make a lot of profit.

Furniture: in anticipation of Christmas guests, consumers will want to buy extra seating, a larger dining table, guest beds, and storage such as chests of drawers and shoe racks.

Outdoor furniture: depending on the country, outdoor items such as fire pits, patio sofas, and patio lights will be popular to prepare the garden and look presentable for guests.

Now, let's look at 12 winning products to dropship this Christmas.

1. Christmas cactus tree

For dropshipping in Mediterranean countries, Australia, the Americas, or South Africa, a cactus Christmas tree is a fun and unique item to sell.

It's not just shoppers in dry desert countries that are a fan of alternative Christmas decor. According to an article in Yahoo! Life, "Why you should switch to a cactus Christmas tree this year," cactus trees have been selling out across the US, however, customers in the UK are also loving them.

vidaXL decorated LED Christmas cactus tree 210cm (EAN: 8720287021278)

Key selling points:

  • Highly unique festive item
  • The tree comes with decorations and lights
  • Particularly popular with customers in warm countries
  • The vidaXL Christmas cactus retails for around €112.

    2. Christmas palm tree

    Another alternative tree for countries in the southern hemisphere. A festive palm tree is eye-catching with its charming slender shape and vibrant palms.

    Customers in the Mediterranean, south US, South America, the Middle East, and Africa will be especially drawn to the Christmas version of their native palm tree.

    vidaXL LED palm tree 180cm (EAN: 8720287138723)

    Key selling points:

  • Can be used in the home or at parties and events
  • Decorated with 96 LED lights with lighting effects
  • Quality artificial tree to last year after year
  • Sturdy base so the palm tree stays secure
  • This vidaXL Christmas palm tree retails for around €79.

    3. Inflatable motorbike Santa Claus

    Is there anything more rock and roll than an inflatable Santa Claus on a motorbike? Christmas fanatics will be excited to add this to their basket thanks to its original and humorous design.

    vidaXL Christmas inflatable Santa Claus 156cm (EAN: 8720287156895)

    Key selling points:

  • Original biker design to appeal to enthusiasts
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Comes with an electric air pump to inflate and deflate
  • Ideal for gardens, patios, hotels, and events
  • This vidaXL inflatable Santa sells for €72.

    4. Espresso machine

    Coffee machines are something of an evergreen dropshipping product. No matter the time of year, coffee machines are in demand. During Christmas, consumers will be thinking of purchasing an espresso machine as a gift, in preparation for hosting visitors, and to treat themselves during the seasonal sales.

    Espresso machines range in price from mid-price to high-ticket. This makes it a winning dropshipping with the potential for high-profit margins.

    Bestron espresso machine (EAN: 8712184056682)

    Key selling points:

  • Compact for a smaller kitchen space
  • Steam wand to froth milk
  • A portafilter gives the user more control
  • Barista-style experience for true coffee lovers
  • An affordable alternative to a Nespresso machine
  • This model retails for around €68.

    Bestron espresso machine in gold 1.2L (EAN: 8712184055678)

    Another option for dropshipping a more expensive espresso machine would be this Bestron model. In addition to the selling points above, this machine can simultaneously pour fresh coffee into two cups.

    This model sells for €150.

    5. Animal waffle maker

    A good dropshipping product should be unique, good quality, and on-trend. This animal waffle maker fits the bill with its fun animal theme and pink design.

    Market this product to customers with a sweet tooth, fitness fans for making protein waffles, and parents with young children.

    Bestron pink animal waffle maker (EAN: 8712184058105)

    Key selling points:

  • Non-stick coating for easy waffles
  • Pastel pink to appeal to girls
  • Fun animal shapes
  • Easy to store in the kitchen
  • Giftable for Christmas
  • This waffle maker retails for around €42.

    6. Children's electric motorbike

    An original children's toy for Christmas is an adorable rock'n'roll chopper-style electric motorbike. Parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles will be searching for interesting gifts this season, and this kid's toy should catch their attention.

    vidaXL electric children's motorcycle (EAN: 8718475809968)

    Key selling points:

  • Adults will love the novelty of this mini-adult motorcycle
  • Electrics make this a higher-end item
  • Entertaining for kids and parents
  • Authentic-looking chopper decals and aesthetics
  • This kid's electric motorbike retails for around €170.

    7. Portable camping grill

    According to Global Newswire in 2022, the camping equipment market will be worth USD 27.3 million by 2030. Camping is becoming a popular interest as people decide to spend more time outdoors and in nature.

    A portable camping grill is a product to dropship at Christmas as shoppers look for gifts related to niche hobbies.

    Easy Camp grill adventure (EAN: 5709388085924)

    Key selling points:

  • Portable for the beach, mountains, lake, garden, or festivals
  • Adjustable air outlet for smoke ventilation
  • Foldable legs and compact size for easy travel/li>
  • Safer than an open fire
  • Easy to use
  • This Easy Camp grill retails for around €64.

    8. Magic clock model kit

    Model kits are popular with older children and adults, making them an ideal product for dropshipping. Anyone with an interest in building things and taking the time to create something intricate will appreciate the gift of a model kit. This niche can be a profitable market as enthusiasts are happy to spend a considerable amount on a quality model kit for their collection.

    Model kits are also an appealing gift idea for parents and grandparents to buy for older children and teenagers as an educational and constructive hobby.

    Wooden City scale model kit magic clock (EAN: 5906874128091)

    Key selling points:

  • Wooden parts make this an eco-friendly gift
  • Functioning clock at the end of construction
  • An attractive model kit for those not interested in building trains or cars
  • Great for older people to keep their minds and hands busy
  • For younger people this kit practices patience and following instructions
  • This model kit clock retails for around €55.

    9. Barbell and dumbbell set

    Fitness has become a worldwide phenomenon as people have become more educated and aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. People have easy access to popular fitness influencers online, tutorials for the gym, professional nutritional advice, and more workout equipment.

    A huge interest now is going to the gym or working out at home. Dropshipping gym accessories such as barbell and dumbbell sets will be popular with online consumers.

    These high ticket sets are giftable for Christmas or for shoppers to treat themselves as they prepare for their New Year health goals.

    vidaXL barbell and dumbbell set 90kg (EAN: 8718475589587)

    Key selling points:

  • Adjustable weight
  • Knurling detail on the bar for better grip
  • Quality iron plates
  • Giftable for Christmas
  • This barbell and dumbbell set retails for around €297.

    10. Cat hammock

    Pet parents these days are renowned for being deeply obsessed with their adopted animals. This makes a great niche for dropshipping.

    A survey of 1,000 Americans by PetSmart in 2022 found that 83% plan on buying a gift for their pet this Christmas. Shockingly, more than half (54%) intend to spend longer searching for the perfect gift for their pet than for some family members.

    One dropshipping idea is a cat hammock. These are adorable seats to provide extra comfort to well-taken care of pet cats.

    Kerbl cat hammock (EAN: 4018653825914)

    Key selling points:

  • Soft fleece material provides a warm and cosy bed
  • The hammock seat swings for extra relaxation
  • A wooden frame is strong and sturdy
  • Cats love to rest in spots above the ground
  • This cat hammock retails for around €47.

    11. Large family dining table and chairs

    Christmas is not just a time for buying gifts. Many households purchase extra furniture in anticipation of house guests and visitors for Christmas dinner.

    Dropshipping large dining tables and chair sets will appeal to customers looking to replace their old worn-out dining furniture with interiors that will impress relatives.

    Furniture is a good market for dropshipping as many products are high-ticket items with room for high-profit margins. Bigger furniture items such as a large dining set will sell for more.

    vidaXL 9-piece dining set (EAN: 8719883678030)

    Key selling points:

  • An evergreen product to sell beyond the Christmas season
  • Table and chairs set is better value for customers
  • Solid wood is popular for its durability, comfort, and aesthetics
  • Appealing to customers that host regular dinner parties
  • This vidaXL 9-piece table and chairs set retails for around €500.

    12. Guest sofa bed

    Many households around the world expect guests to stay during the Christmas period. Families might find that they need to set up the guest bedroom ready for relatives and friends.

    There are different options: pull-out sofa beds for homes with very little space, day beds, pull-out day beds, and regular beds. Pine day beds are popular for a country rustic feel. Metal frame day beds give a vintage Victorian vibe.

    vidaXL day bed in pine (EAN: 8720287137894)

    Key selling points:

  • Build-in storage drawers under the bed
  • A single-size sofa bed saves space in smaller guest rooms
  • Solid pinewood looks charming and is durable
  • This vidaXL day bed retails for around €370.

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