15 bestselling ecommerce products in the UAE

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Dropshipping in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a favourable business opportunity. As we highlighted in our previous blog post, the UAE has experienced accelerated economic growth since Coronavirus, a booming ecommerce market worth $27 billion USD in 2022, almost 100% of the population using the internet, and impressive logistics across the country.

To help you start a dropshipping business in the UAE, we want to share some insightful vidaXL sales data. This article will hopefully inspire you with product ideas to sell to UAE consumers.

Top 15 bestselling vidaXL products in the UAE

According to our sales data, these are our most popular vidaXL products in the UAE market:

1.Black room divider with six panels (EAN: 8720286022764)

2.Plastic storage cabinet (EAN: 8718475845713)

3.Equipment case with wheels (EAN: 8718475845706)

4.Umbrella weight plate (EAN: 8720286153574)

5.Replacement gazebo cover (EAN: 8718475869979)

6.Portable beautician chair (EAN: 8718475813231)

7.Outdoor shower with double jets (EAN: 8719883783369)

8.Foldable wooden stool (EAN: 8720286191576)

9.Grey coffee table (EAN: 8720286587188)

10.Black velvet bar stools (EAN: 8720286537480)

11.Wooden cat house (EAN: 8718475721222)

12.White coffee table (EAN: 8720286542323)

13.Scroll wing armchair with footstool (EAN: 8718475831112)

14.Outdoor swing chair cushion (EAN: 8720286187166)

15.White bistro set (EAN: 8718475973065)

The most popular furniture products

#1 - Room divider

The number one bestselling vidaXL item across all categories for the United Arab Emirates is a six-panel room divider in black. The humble room divider separates open living spaces to create more privacy. They are handy for dividing dining and lounge areas as well as studies.

vidaXL room divider in black (EAN: 8720286022764)

#9 - Grey coffee table

Coffee tables are a staple in many living rooms around the world. The low surface accommodates sitting on a sofa, serving as a place to set cups of tea or coffee between sips.

This particular coffee table is the most popular for Emiratis. It features drawers to store magazines, toys, books, and games. The added functionality of this coffee table makes it a more alluring choice as a centrepiece for the lounge, storage unit, and handy place to rest items.

vidaXL coffee table in concrete grey (EAN: 8720286587188)

#13 - Faux leather armchair with footstool

The vidaXL Chesterfield armchair in deep burgundy is a classic piece. It is detailed with studs in the infamous diamond design, high back, and scroll wings. Made with faux leather, this fireside chair is affordable and timeless.

vidaXL armchair with footstool in faux leather (EAN: 8718475831112)

The most popular hardware products

#2 - Plastic cabinet storage with 41 drawers

Most suitable for DIY, hobby, and garage storage, the vidaXL cabinet with 41 drawers is the second bestseller in the UAE. The small compartments make it ideal for storing nails, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, hooks, hangers, and fixings. For hobby crafts, the unit can store beads, tape, glue, stickers, stamps, and brushes.

vidaXL cabinet storage with 41 drawers (EAN: 8718475845713)

#3 - Toolbox trolley with wheels

The third most popular vidaXL product sold in the UAE is a rolling equipment case. Sturdy, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and anti-crush. It features foam padding on the inside to protect equipment. The wheels and telescopic handle make it easy to transport heavy items. The case is designed with a hasp and staple to attach two padlocks for added security.

vidaXL tool and equipment case with wheels (EAN: 8718475845706)

The most popular garden furniture products

#4 - Umbrella weight plate

Safely setting up a parasol in the garden is made easier with a weight plate. Unforeseen windy weather can lead to parasols taking off into the air and onto the neighbour's lawn. This popular weight is made of solid black granite.

vidaXL umbrella weight plate 25kg (EAN: 8720286153574)

#5 - Gazebo replacement cover

In the top five bestselling products is a replacement cover for a gazebo. Made from polyester and with a waterproof PVC coating, this canopy cover is durable against the elements. This vidaXL canopy in beige is a favourite with Emirati customers.

vidaXL gazebo cover (EAN: 8718475869979)

#7 - Outdoor shower with double jets

The UAE is home to some of the most stunning swimming pools for villas, hotels, and resorts. Luxurious private pools overlook desert dunes or form part of a secluded retreat within a private and cooling courtyard. An outdoor shower is one of vidaXL's most popular items as a convenient and relaxing way to refresh after a swim.

vidaXL outdoor shower with double jets (EAN: 8719883783369)

#14 - Swing chair cushion

Comfortable cushions for outdoor seating including swing chairs, bistro chairs, and outdoor benches are in demand over the hot months. For UAE customers, the vidaXL swing cushion in grey is a must-have. The polyester material is able to withstand the weather and tie strings secure the cushion to outdoor seating.

vidaXL swing chair cushion (EAN: 8720286187166)

The most popular pet products

#11 - Wooden cat house

A common breed of cat native to the UAE and the Gulf is the Arabian Mau. This desert cat is accustomed to living outdoors in harsh surroundings and has done so for the last 1,000 years. As such, an outdoor cat house is a popular purchase for many Emirati households.

vidaXL cat house (EAN: 8718475721222)

How to start selling in the UAE

Top ecommerce segments

Data from PPRO in 2021 reported the product categories with the highest number of sales online:

1.Toys, hobbies, and DIY: 29%

2.Fashion: 27%

3.Electronics and media: 18%

4.Food and personal care: 13%

5.Furniture and appliances: 12%

We can compare this with data from vidaXL. Toys, hobbies, DIY, furniture and appliances make up 41% of sales in the UAE market.

Most common payment methods

According to Numbeo, 2022, Emiratis have a high purchasing power, listing at number 9 in the worldwide index. Here's a breakdown of the payment types by market share for purchasing online:

  • 29% by credit cards
  • 19% by e-wallets such as Apple Pay
  • 15% by cash on delivery
  • 14% by bank transfer
  • 10% by debit card
  • (Worldpay, 2020)

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