5 Best Furniture Dropshipping Suppliers in USA, Europe & UK

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Earning passive income helps you gain financial freedom faster. What’s good is furniture dropshipping can give you that extra income. You can start your side hustle without holding large inventories or facing logistical challenges.

But what you do need is a reliable furniture dropshipping supplier.

That is why we have made a list of trustworthy dropshipping suppliers who can help you start your entrepreneurial journey.

Why Start Furniture Dropshipping?

Why furniture dropshipping? This can be a question on your mind.

Don’t start a furniture dropshipping store because we asked you to do so. Instead, look at these numbers.

  • The global furniture market size will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 5.9% from 2023 to 2030.
  • The sofa & couch segment will grow at a CAGR of 7.1% from 2023 to 2030.
  • The bed segment captures over 25% of revenue in the entire furniture market.

These numbers speak for themselves and give you all fair reasons to start your furniture dropshipping business and make money online. The reasons for a sudden spike in growth rates in the global furniture market are greater disposable income, growth of the hospitality & housing sector, and growing demand for sustainable & luxury home furnishing products.

It’s the best time to start your online store. But before signing up with furniture dropshipping suppliers, have a look at the top suppliers in the USA, Europe & UK.

Top Furniture Dropshipping Suppliers in US, UK & Europe

Here are the top 5 furniture dropshipping suppliers across different continents.


dropshippingXL by vidaXL is one of the most trusted dropshipping suppliers you can find to sell furniture online. Partnering with dropshippingXL gives you a chance to expand your ecommerce store to 32+ countries worldwide. With over 90,000+ products in their catalogue, you can choose to offer the best quality products to your customers. From trendy rattan to mango wood, you can find furniture made of different materials. Explore the furniture section to find beds, cabinets, wine racks, garden & outdoor furniture, and more!

You can register as a seller on dropshippingXL by paying €30/month. With 24/7 customer service support and easy shipping, you can reach out to a global audience. dropshippingXL has multiple warehouses at different locations to offer a seamless delivery experience. As it is backed by vidaXL, you can trust the brand and put your faith in their services.

Without wasting any more time, register yourself as a dropshipper on dropshippingXL! Start your journey to making money online today.

Wholesale Interiors

Wholesale Interiors is a US-based company that specializes in furniture dropshipping and wholesale trade. With their trendy furniture, your customers can uplift the vibe of their home. Wholesale Interiors comes with new products every month, bringing freshness to their product catalogue. You can explore a range of furniture from chairs, mirrors & bar furniture to pet furniture at their dropshipping store.

Edloe Finch

Modern and classy furniture are the hot-sellers this season. If you want to give that premium experience to your customers, don’t forget to explore Edloe Finch. This furniture dropshipping store has warehouses in Texas that offer free and fast delivery to your customers in North America. The hassle-free return and availability of financing options make it easier to place your orders with this dropshipping supplier.

Big Buy

Big Buy is another furniture dropshipping supplier preferred by dropshippers across the globe. Based in Europe, they have high-end tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces for your ecommerce store. You can sell beautiful furniture in many designs across popular marketplaces with Big Buy. They even provide automation tools to digitize your order & fulfilment processes.

Ark Furniture

Bedroom furniture and sets are the highest selling in the global furniture market. Ark Furniture, one of the UK-based furniture dropshipping suppliers, specializes in affordable bedroom furniture. They offer fast delivery, and you do not need to pay any subscription fee to start your store. But the con of Ark Furniture is they ship their products only in the UK.

All these furniture dropshipping suppliers have their pros and cons. So, take your time, visit their website, read the T&C, order samples, and then shortlist the best furniture dropshipping suppliers for your ecommerce store.


Furniture dropshipping is a profitable area to explore. You can make money online without holding huge inventories or worrying about shipment challenges. Yet choosing the right dropshipping supplier is critical for the success of your ecommerce store. So, explore each option, see what they have to offer, and then decide to move ahead with the shortlisted one.

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