8 awnings to dropship: products to sell in the outdoor living niche (2023)

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You might be surprised by the popularity of outdoor awnings.

For dropshippers who are focused on the outdoor living niche, adding awnings to your ecommerce offerings could be a profitable decision. Market data from Emergen Research in 2023 says that the global canvas canopy market (including outdoor canopy structures, awnings, and sunshades) is predicted to be worth USD 3.04 billion by 2032.

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What is an awning?

Awnings are outdoor canopies or sun shades. They come in various designs to suit outdoor needs. Door and window awnings are attached above to provide shade and shelter. They not only add an adorable aesthetic to a home, but they are also handy for staying dry when unlocking the front door or preventing direct sunlight from entering interior rooms.

Retractable or fixed awnings

Retractable awnings are extremely versatile. They can be opened and closed when desired, depending on the weather. Typically, they are made of flexible canvas or fabric material that can be rolled away. Fixed awnings are made from plastic, wood, glass, fabric, or metal. They stay in the same position and are preferred by consumers who don't want the option of temporarily removing them.

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Find inspiration in this article as we show you eight awnings that are trending with consumers right now.

1. Free-standing awning

Unlike awnings for windows and doors, a free-standing awning is placed wherever you fancy in the garden. It is a dream for homeowners who love spending time outdoors and need a mobile sun shade. A double-sided awning creates a bigger shaded area, perfect for outdoor sofas, chairs, benches, or loungers.

Free-standing awnings usually have retractable blinds, so you can find the optimum amount of shade you desire. The frame is sturdy and built to last. Some models have adjustable legs to change the height of the free-standing awning frame.

vidaXL Freestanding Awning (EAN: 8719883794457)

Key selling points of a freestanding awning:

  • Folds for compact storage
  • Move the awning to provide shelter where desired
  • Stable base

2. Retractable side awning

A retractable side awning offers extra privacy for balconies, terraces, decking areas, and gardens. For homeowners who want their outdoor space to be a little less open to the neighbours, this outdoor living product is a popular choice.

The retractable feature of the awning means you can choose to pull back the screen if you want more light or enjoy more of the surrounding view. This product works by installing on an outdoor wall. The awning rolls inside a cassette and can be pulled horizontally to create a secure screen.

vidaXL Patio Retractable Side Awning (EAN: 8720286138335)

Key selling points for a retractable side awning:

  • Provides privacy
  • Ideal for when a top parasol or awning can't give shade
  • Protects guests from the sun, wind, and light rain

3. Awning with scalloped trim

Awnings are a large and noticeable outdoor installation. For this reason, consumers will be looking for an attractive and fetching design. An awning with a scalloped trim will appeal to consumers that prefer a traditional style of canopy.

A scalloped trim has been used for centuries in home design and decor. These little repeating waves, or mini arches, are adored for their preppy appearance. They are also associated with quaint cottages and whimsical cheer. For the ultimate traditional awning design, try dropshipping an awning that also features a striped pattern.

vidaXL Large Retractable Awning (EAN: 8720845714710)

Key selling points of an awning with scalloped trim:

  • Classic awning style
  • Gives a polished look
  • An ornate trim has more interest than a straight edge

4. Fixed-door awning

Fixed-door awnings are a practical installation for the front or back entrance of your home. They can be arched, sloped, or flat-topped. Typically, an angled or rounded fixed door awning is preferred to be better sheltered underneath.

These exterior wall canopies are fixed above the door without having a retractable awning. They make it more comfortable to find your house keys, lock and unlock your door, and answer guests. No more getting soaked in the rain!

vidaXL Door Canopy (EAN: 8718475728108)

Key selling points of a fixed door canopy:

  • Stay dry while locking and unlocking your door
  • Secure and stable construction
  • Not affected by strong winds, unlike fabric awnings

5. Retractable awning with blind

When a sloped awning isn't enough, a retractable awning with a blind is what's needed. This smart outdoor product has a vertical blind attached to the edge of the awning. So, when the early or rising sun is bothering your eyes, you can roll down the extra blind for the perfect shade.

An awning with a blind is a good purchase for outdoor dining and lounging spots that get hit by low-lying sun. Dropshipping this item will be a hit with homeowners who like to be outside but want the most shade and shelter possible.

vidaXL Folding Rowing Machine (EAN: 8719883807553)

Key selling points for a retractable awning with a blind:

  • The blind provides extra shade from the sun
  • It makes summer outdoor dining more comfortable
  • Sturdy aluminium frame

6. Bistro awning

Another traditional awning design is the bistro awning. It features triangular side panels that fill the space between the awning and the outdoor wall. The benefits of having a bistro awning are that you have extra protection from the sun and light rain and minimal direct sunlight coming through the windows inside.

vidaXL Bistro Awning (EAN: 8718475703334)

Key selling points for a bistro awning:

  • Ideal for commercial shopfronts or for the home
  • Side panels give maximum shade
  • It helps to cool indoor rooms

7. Awning with fairy lights

For something extra special, an awning with fairy lights is a crowd-pleasing dropshipping product. The attached outdoor fairy lights on awnings are often solar-powered, appealing to budget-conscious buyers. Consumers can indulge in purchasing this product without needing to worry about additional electricity costs.

An awning with fairy lights is an adorable installation for a balcony or terrace. Homeowners who spend time outside in the evenings and late at night will appreciate the ambient lighting this awning provides.

vidaXL Manual Retractable Awning with LED Lights (EAN: 8719883761817)

Key selling points for an awning with fairy lights:

  • Creates a cosy atmosphere in the evenings
  • It helps to provide outdoor lighting
  • Solar-powered lights to save on electricity costs
  • Slanted design for shelter against wind and rain
  • Two legs for support

8. Awning with LED light strips

Consumers who prefer light strips over fairy lights will be drawn to this awning item. An awning with built-in LED light strips beneath the canopy is ideal for practical and efficient outdoor lighting.

This awning in particular has a straight, horizontal alignment when pulled out over a seating area. Buyers who prefer more sunlight and less shade will like this product better than an angled awning.

vidaXL Manual Retractable Awning with Strip Lights (EAN: 8720286393055)

Key selling points for an awning with LED light strips:

  • Light strips beneath the awning for better lighting
  • It creates a homely ambience
  • Solar-powered lights to save on electricity costs

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