9 hardware items to dropship (2023)

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The hardware category includes DIY tools, workshop equipment, bathroom and kitchen attachments, building materials, fencing, and plumbing accessories.

If you are stuck for ideas for what hardware products to dropship, you're in the right place! Here are nine items we recommend to sell online.

1. Sliding solid wood door

Homes with a country, rustic, or farmhouse interior design should seriously think about installing a gorgeous sliding solid wood door. The steel railing brackets also add a Mediaeval vibe or something reminiscent of a quaint horse farrier's workshop.

What is the purpose of a sliding door? Some homes have a small space where a swinging door would be cumbersome. In bigger rooms, a sliding door is simply for a good-looking provincial design. It can also be useful for large open archways where installing doors would be expensive and difficult.

vidaXL Sliding Door with Hardware Set (EAN: 8721012082700)

Key selling points of a wooden sliding door:

  • Country cottage or farmhouse aesthetic
  • Sliding doors save space
  • Solid wood is a naturally beauty material

2. Artificial grass tiles

The global artificial turf market is expected to be worth USD 6.4 billion by 2028, says data from SkyQuest Technology Consulting. The report suggests that fake grass is becoming more present in gardens and sports fields thanks to its low maintenance.

Hayfever sufferers can rejoice as artificial turf turns a corner in becoming 'chic.' Many homes in cities and urban environments face difficult conditions for a living lawn. Perhaps not enough sunlight, too much sunlight, awkward shapes and sizes of outdoor areas, or trying to create a small oasis on a hot rooftop.

An article in Architectural Digest in 2023, cites that "artificial grass—which traces its synthetic roots rather unglamorously to the athletic stadiums that first popularised Astroturf in the mid ’60s—is in vogue in certain landscape design circles."

ProGarden Artificial Grass Tiles Kit 6 Pieces (EAN: 8720573501156)

Key selling points for artificial grass tiles:

  • Less maintenance than real grass
  • Not susceptible to flooding or drought
  • Always looks healthy and fresh

3. Bidet toilet seat attachment

Bidets became a point of interest in some Western countries as people became amazed at the technology of modern Japanese toilets. Arguably with the help of TikTok, the term "bidet" has 100 thousand - 1 million searches per month (between August 2022 and August 2023 across the US, UK, France, Sweden, Germany, and Spain).

In viral TikTok videos, bidet attachments and bidet showers are explained by video makers from countries where bidets are the norm, keen to share the health benefits.

Bidet toilet seat attachments are a useful product where a traditional bidet toilet hasn't been installed. It is affordable, simple to attach to the toilet, and offers hot and cold water.

vidaXL Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment (EAN: 8719883746036)

Key selling points of a bidet toilet attachment:

  • Reduces toilet paper consumption
  • Hygienic health practice
  • No electricity needed
  • Hot and cold water
  • Water pressure control

4. Self-adhesive PVC flooring

In homes where carpet is impractical, PVC flooring is the affordable option when compared to stone tiles and real hardwood. Self-adhesive PVC floor planks make it simple for homeowners to install or replace themselves.

The advantage of PVC flooring is that it has the resemblance to real wood but without the high maintenance and with better durability. This type of flooring is a must-need hardware product that is mildew resistant, flame retardant, heat insulated, waterproof, and easy to clean.

vidaXL Self-Adhesive PVC Floor Planks (EAN: 8720286435731)

Key selling points of PVC Flooring Planks:

  • Ideal for pet owners and families with young children
  • Anti-allergy alternative to carpet
  • Fuss-free installation

5. Pull-out kitchen tap

Pull-out kitchen taps are also known as sink mixers or spring-neck taps. They are kitchen taps with a long built-in retractable hose. This functionality makes it so much less challenging to rinse down every corner of the sink or fill pots and pans with water outside of the sink.

Various models of retractable kitchen taps include chrome, steel or brass finish, as well as a smooth or spring faucet neck. These taps have become popular with more efficient kitchen and food prep organisation.

EISL Kitchen Tap with Spiral Cord (EAN: 9002560781512)

Key selling points for a pull out kitchen tap:

  • 360 degree movement of the tap
  • Flexible hose to fill large pans that don't fit in the sink
  • Easily clean hard-to-reach corners of the sink

6. Hanging ladder platform

This is one of those genius items you wouldn't realise you needed until you have one. A hanging ladder platform solves the issue of having to reach too far for tools, a bucket, or other equipment needed whilst on a ladder.

The hanging ladder platform is a galvanised steel shelf that hooks safely onto the ladder bars. It can hold up to 150kg making it an essential accessory for jobs such as tiling, plastering, painting, and wallpapering.

Hailo Hanging Ladder Platform (EAN: 4007126995001)

Key selling points for a hanging ladder platform:

  • Create a space for tools within easy reach
  • Prevent accidents
  • Useful for items that are too heavy or difficult to hold

7. Brushwood garden screen

Garden screens are a cheap and quick way to make your outdoor space more private and inviting. Brushwood is a natural material made up of small broken off tree branches. It can be easily unrolled and attached to stone walls, wooden or metal fences, pergolas, and arbours to create a cool shaded area.

vidaXL Brushwood Fence (EAN: 8718475914310)

Key selling points for brushwood garden screen:

  • Instantly add privacy to a garden or balcony
  • Natural and sustainable material
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Creates shelter from wind and sun

8. Rolling workshop storage

A rolling workshop is a storage tower for tools and equipment with wheels. This model from Stanley makes it less hassle to move a lot of DIY and hardware equipment in one go. Each of the storage tool boxes is made of durable metal and plastic. A telescopic handle helps to manoeuvre the workshop anywhere it needs to go, whether to the van, a house or worksite.

Stanley FatMax Rolling Workshop (EAN: 3253561956225)

Key selling points for a rolling workshop:

  • Stacked tool boxes to organise equipment
  • Pull-out plastic tray for smaller tools
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Fits into one tower with a handle to move with ease

9. Workshop seat with drawer

Working on a project in the shop is made easier with a seat designed especially for the job. A mobile stool with a sturdy metal frame and cushioned seat offers comfort and functionality needed for a mechanic, tradesperson or handyman.

The pull-out drawer is convenient for keeping small tools or parts on hand. The bottom shelf of the stool has compartments for items such as nuts, bolts, screws, nails or attachments.

VOREL Workshop Seat with Drawer (EAN: 5906083818240)

Key selling points for a workshop seat with a drawer:

  • Wheels for comfort and ease while working
  • Drawer under the seat for small parts
  • Compartments on the bottom shelf for nuts, screws, and nails

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