Christmas copywriting: how to get creative and impress customers

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Take a bit of time to assess your sales copywriting as you brace yourself for the Christmas shoppers. You might realise you are making some of the blunders we mention in this blog post!

Avoid the cliches

This is the best piece of marketing advice you will ever receive!

As soon as Black Friday ends, the same cheesy Christmas phrases appear and torment everyone until it's time to do it again the next year.

Here are some cliches your customers are sick of reading:

  • Christmas is almost upon us
  • Deck the Halls
  • 'Tis the season
  • It's that time of year again
  • Fa la la la la
  • Ho ho ho
  • Let it snow
  • Please stop.

    The problem with these over-used phrases is that they have lost their impact. How many sales emails do you think a single customer will receive with the same boring Christmas cliches?

    These marketing messages lose their personal touch. Too generic.

    Instead, squeeze your brain and use some creativity.

    Personalise your messages

    Look at your customer personas and think about how they will react to Christmas marketing.

    Do they care? Are they sentimental? Are they bored of Christmas? What type of tone will they be most responsive to?

    Perhaps your target customer appreciates humour. Or perhaps they prefer direct and no-frills marketing messages.

    For example, imagine you are selling baby products to new mothers at Christmas. Using a gentle, sensitive, and caring tone of voice will be more successful than a less delicate tone used for selling men's products.

    Be sentimental

    Advertising during the festive period is allowed to be particularly emotional.

    Think about the famous John Lewis and Sainsbury's TV campaigns in the UK. Each year both retailers release a heart-warming advert.

    In 2021, Sainsbury's themed its ad around the truce between British and German soldiers in the spirit of Christmas. During the First World War, 100,000 troops held an informal ceasefire on Christmas Eve along the Western Front. The advert shows British and German soldiers playing football, bringing tears to the eyes of many viewers.

    While you might not have a TV campaign, dropshippers with a small or medium size business can use emotive marketing.


  • Tell a story
  • Share your brand values
  • Be nostalgic
  • Share the softer and more human side of your business
  • Connect with your customers on an emotional level
  • Persuasion with skill

    This is the balance between informing your customers of the advantages of your product versus burying them in sales talk.

    Let's take email subjects. Being to the point can work best:

  • Order today for Christmas delivery
  • Christmas gifts under 30 €
  • Left it last minute?
  • Chrismas is a time when people are bombarded with adverts. To cut through, each of your marketing messages should provide a clear solution to your customer's problem.

    For example, "order today for Christmas delivery" and "left it last minute?" address people that are in a rush to buy gifts. This will catch their attention. "Christmas gifts under €30" quickly help consumers that need gifts within their price range.

    Avoid buzzwords, jargon, filler words, over-used words, complicated and boring language that doesn't fit the season. These are just a few:

  • Elevate
  • Impact
  • Holistic
  • Don't delay, join today
  • Optimise
  • Cutting-edge
  • Amazing
  • Agile
  • Summary

    Use some of these copywriting techniques to improve your Christmas marketing and advertising campaigns. Customers notice when brands tailor their messages for the festive season and this extra work pays off. Spending time on these Christmas campaigns will be worth it for the sales they generate.

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