Eco-friendly products to start dropshipping(2022)

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Besides doing good for the environment, it has been found that consumers perceive eco-friendly purchases as better-performing.

An article from Kellogg Insights in 2021, found a relationship between sustainable products and a halo effect. Researchers were surprised as they predicted that consumers would have the opposite opinion - that green products might be deemed less effective.

A famous example is Tesla cars. These electric vehicles are seen as environmentally responsible just as much as they are high-performing, superior cars.

So, with this in mind, what about the eco-friendly product market in general? We have dived in with some research and suggestions for sustainable goods to start dropshipping.

Reclaimed wood furniture

The global reclaimed lumber market is expected to reach USD 70.37 billion by 2028, says a report by Grand View Research. The rise in the market is due to an increased interest in going green and making homes more sustainable.

What is reclaimed lumber?

Reclaimed lumber is wood that has had a previous life in old buildings, barns, railways, factories, shipyards, farms, ships, or warehouses. It may have originally been used for beams, fireplace mantels, building framework, panelling, decking, or planking.

This wood is highly sought after as it is usually at least 100 years old from "old-growth" trees. These are slow-maturing trees that grew in natural forests not planted or managed by people for the lumber industry. This wood is known for being stronger and more resistant to rotting.

Why do consumers like reclaimed wood?

The rise in the reclaimed lumber market is driven largely by the furniture industry. Consumers care more about the environment and are making purchases based on how products and packaging affect the planet. Reclaimed wood has attractive features:

  • Character and charm in the wood's appearance due to its old age
  • Very eco-friendly for building homes and making furniture
  • Helps tackle the issue of mass forestation
  • Old-growth wood can't be bought now as these trees are protected
  • It is stable, sturdy, and long-lasting unmatched against new wood
  • Reclaimed wood products to dropship

    These items are ideal for ecommerce businesses focused on the furniture segment. Customers interested in buying reclaimed wood furniture will be looking for:

  • An eco-friendly option for the home
  • A high-quality piece
  • Something original with a rustic aesthetic
  • vidaXL writing desk in solid reclaimed teak (EAN: 8718475577409)

    vidaXL wine rack from solid reclaimed wood (EAN: 8718475569169)

    Recycled wood furniture

    Recycled wood for furniture usually comes from younger wood than reclaimed, although often the two words are used interchangeably. Recycled wood is a timber that was once used for pallets, scraps from newly-built wooden items, or yard trimmings.

    What type of wood is for recycled furniture?

    Solid pinewood or teak wood is usually the material used for recycled furniture. This wood, by permit, hasn't been in contact with chemicals, solvents, or paint that could be harmful to humans or the environment.

    Recycled wood products to dropship

    While recycled wood furniture might not have the same character as old-growth wood, it still has a charming appeal.

    vidaXL bathroom side cabinet in solid recycled pinewood (EAN: 8718475600688)

    vidaXL bedside cabinet in recycled teak and steel (EAN: 8718475601807)

    Eco pet products

    The ever-growing interest in sustainable products means that any market segment can benefit. There are eco-friendly options for any consumer product including for pets.

    The benefits of eco pet supplies

    Pets have a habit of destroying toys and bedding. Replacing these items regularly with a sustainable alternative reduces non-biodegradable waste sent to landfill.

    Half the world has a pet

    The Health for Animals Organisation estimates that half the world owns a pet. In the US, China, Brazil, and Europe alone there are half a billion cats and dogs. That's a massive market that likely includes many environmentally-consicous pet owners.

    Eco pet products to dropship

    Cats and dogs are the most popular pet so supplies for these furry friends is a savvy dropshipping idea. Even chickens can benefit from eco houses made from recycled plastic and wood.

    vidaXL TRIXIE Be Eco Danilo pet bed (EAN: 4047974375068)

    Kerbl 'Eli eco' cat house (​​EAN: 4018653995341)

    Eco shower and bathroom products

    The issue of saving water

    Saving water is not just a concern for water-deprived countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan. Even areas within the United States have severe water scarcity, as is the case in California, according to, 2022. Countries in Europe such as the UK are set to experience water stress in the next 25 years as temperatures increase, says the Environment Agency.

    Why do we need to conserve water?

    Across the world, saving water is encouraged to preserve the limited fresh water supply. This water is needed to provide everyone with clean, safe, water for drinking and sanitation, and to protect animals living in wetland habitats. Conserving water also saves energy that is used to clean and pump water into homes.

    The market for water-saving products

    Due to foreseeable water shortages and high energy bills, demand for money-saving, energy-saving, water-saving products could increase. The global water-saving plumbing product market is predicted to be worth USD 5,419 billion by 2030, according to Data Intelo, 2022.

    Eco shower products to dropship

    There are different eco shower products to save water:

  • Low-flow shower heads that reduce the flow rate of water
  • Aerating shower heads that mix the water with air
  • Shower flow regulators or controllers that limit the flow of water
  • Tiger Splash eco shower set (EAN: 4008915551408)

    Wooden toys

    The global wooden toys market is predicted to reach USD 28.11 billion by 2027, says a report from Maximize Market Research. The compound annual growth rate is set to be 3.4% between 2021-2027. The interest in wooden toys is looking to expand as millennials and Gen Z become eco-friendly parents.

    Why do consumers like wooden toys?

  • Seen as safer for children than plastic as wood is non-toxic
  • Wooden toys are very robust and long-lasting
  • They can be handed-down family generations
  • As a raw biodegradable material, wooden toys can be recycled
  • They are quieter than toys made from other materials
  • Perfect for parents that want traditional toys without batteries
  • Wood appeals to a child's sense of touch
  • Wooden toys and games to dropship

    There are puzzles, toys, and games made from wood that are suitable for all ages. Some ideas for dropshipping wooden toys include:

  • Wooden rocking horse
  • Wooden building blocks
  • Wooden jigsaws, chess, board games, and logical puzzles
  • Wooden musical instruments
  • Wooden Wendy house
  • Wooden sand pit or climbing frame for the garden
  • Pinolino rocking horse made from beech wood (EAN: 4035769025632)

    Childhome 8-piece toy instrument set (EAN: 5420007158699)

    vidaXL kids play house made from fir wood (EAN: 8718475742470)

    See what you can find

    The world of eco-friendly products is extensive so choosing a niche will benefit dropshipping in this market. As people become more interested in climate change and preserving the environment, it seems that consumers are willing to choose eco-friendly options.

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