How Rattan Furniture is Changing Dropshipping Landscape in Germany

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German ecommerce has gained much value in recent years. The data confirms that German ecommerce created €754bn in revenues and contributed about €100bn to the German GDP in 2019. People in Germany are using online stores for convenience and selecting the best products. This growth in ecommerce and the adoption of online stores have paved the way for dropshippers and shaped German dropshipping trends.

The growth in the ecommerce space has changed the shopping preferences of people. Also, the new home decor trends, increased income, and worldwide shipping have changed the fate of the German dropshipping in furniture market. Without saying more, let’s look into how rattan furniture has gained popularity in Germany over the past ten years.

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Rattan furniture in Germany: Then vs. Now

When we make a comparison about the popularity of rattan furniture now vs. ten years back, we know that it was never hyped by homeowners back then. Also, rattan was mostly used in vacation homes to create an earthy tone or to bring out the rustic charm of those homes. As time changed, these vines became more popular, and now they are the first choice of homeowners.

Rattan is the most loved material for furniture, and it is in high demand in Germany according to the sales trends witnessed by vidaXL. The traditional, bulky design is replaced by modern, minimalist, and sleek rattan furniture. The lightweight construction also makes rattan furniture dropshipping in Germany easier for dropshippers as it does not add much to the shipping costs.

German customers are also more inclined toward adopting eco-friendly products, making rattan a perfect pick for homeowners. The focus on natural materials for home decoration and redesigning is the reason why rattan has gained more popularity in the past ten years. This material has changed the German furniture dropshipping trends and has offered dropshippers trendy and versatile furniture pieces to sell to their customers.

Is rattan furniture good for the outside?

Rattan furniture is versatile, that’s why rattan furniture dropshipping in Germany has picked up the pace. Synthetic rattan, known as PE rattan, is suitable for outdoor as it is weather-resistant and lightweight, making it easier for your customers to move around the furniture. But we recommend protecting outdoor rattan furniture with dust and waterproof cover. Rattan furniture like sofa sets, outdoor dining sets, tables, and chairs are perfect for keeping on the balcony, patio, garden, and other outdoor spaces.

How has dropshipping grown in Germany

Germany is a big economy with high internet penetration and a growing ecommerce space. This is indicated by the fact that about 89% of Germans make an online purchase at least once a month.

What it means for your rattan furniture dropshipping store is that it is easy to tap into the German market. The familiarity with online stores and the enthusiasm to explore different products among Germans will help you grow your dropshipping business.

You can sell your products risk-free without holding any inventory or renting a physical space. You can import rattan furniture in Germany through your supplier and sell it to the target audience online. dropshippingXL makes the entire dropshipping experience as swift as a breeze. You can sign up on our platform to start selling online.

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