How to choose a name for your dropshipping store

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Choosing the right name for your dropshipping store is not worth rushing. A good name reflects the products you sell, your niche, the audience you sell to, and your ideas for the business. It will appear on all your marketing, advertising, and branding. Changing your name later down the line can be a nightmare - get it right the first time with a good brainstorming session.

In this article, we will share tips for how your name should resonate with your customers and ways to put the name together.

Before you think of a name

Take some time to research your customers and market before you dive into creating a name for your dropshipping store.

Characteristics of a good company name:

1. First impressions

Is it easy to say? Will there be mistakes when people spell it? Is it offensive or will it be unprofessional as a name?

2. Be descriptive

Brainstorm as many words that describe your business and what you do. You can use a thesaurus or look through books for ideas. Think from the customer's perspective of your products.

3. Keep it simple

Don't try to overcomplicate the name or be too confusing. Using keywords for SERP (search engine results page) can help as well when it comes to marketing your business.

4. Keep it short

Short words are easy to remember and say. If your business name has many words or names of the founders, think about making it an acronym.

5. Convey quickly what you sell

Does the name make sense for what you sell? Is it related to your products?

Creating your name

Once you are ready to put a name together, brainstorm as many ideas as you can. Getting a few friends or business partners together to help with this can make a difference. After this, you can whittle the list down to what sounds the best.

Ways to create a brand name:

1. Use the names of the founders

For example Sainsbury's, Warner Brothers, Johnson & Johnson, BEA Systems, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hewlett-Packard

2. Alter the name of the founder to create a new word

For example Aldi and Adidas

3. Invent or use an entertaining word

For example Shazam, Skype, Zoom, Google

4. Put two words together

For example Salesforce, Groupon, Instagram, Airbnb, LEGO

5. Use words that describe what you do

For example Paramount Pictures, Sports Direct.

6. Create an acronym


7. Use a word with symbolism

For example Nike (the Greek goddess of victory) and Sony (from the Latin "sonus" for sonic)

8. Use a character from stories

For example, Starbucks took its name from a character, Starbuck, in Moby Dick.

9. Buy a company and name that already exists

There are several benefits to purchasing an off-the-shelf company. It makes it easier to find a good company name that isn't already taken and it builds trust with your customer.

Business Name Generators

If you have hit a creative wall and need inspiration, try a business name generator. Several websites offer this free tool. To use these, input a few keywords about your business, and the website will suggest some names.

1. GoDaddy - you can select the country you want to operate in.

2. Business Name Generator

3. Wix - there is the option to find a name by industry

4. Namelix

5. Shopify

Check your name is available

When you have found some names you like, you need to see if they are being used already. Check that these are available to be registered as a company name in your country (you can use your government website) first. Once this is available, check the name can be used as a domain name and on social media channels.

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