How to sell on ManoMano: An online marketplace guide

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Dropshippers in the DIY, furniture, garden, sports equipment, and pet niches should consider ManoMano as a platform to increase visibility, reach more customers, and improve sales. Find out about ManoMano in this article and the steps for getting started as an authorised third-party seller.

What is ManoMano?

ManoMano is a European online marketplace specialising in home improvement, DIY, and gardening niches. Founded in 2013 in France, ManoMano has since expanded into Belgium (2014), Spain and Italy (2015), Germany (2016), and the UK (2016).

As of 2023, the ecommerce platform has more than 50 million visits per month, 7 million active users in the European Union, and almost 4,000 sellers.


Joining ManoMano as a seller costs €100 per month, as of 2023. The commission is deducted from the price of each sale (product price plus shipping cost and excluding VAT) at a rate of 15-25%, depending on the type of product sold.

The benefits

Why should you consider selling on ManoMano?

  • Boost your visibility: Easily put your products in front of millions of online customers who visit the ManoMano website.
  • A European market: 85% of sellers and brands are based in Europe.
  • Optional order fulfilment: Warehousing, packing, and delivery can be organised by ManoFulfilment if needed.
  • Engaged customers: The ManoMano brand is trusted by customers who are willing to purchase.
  • Excellent service: Dedicated customer service teams are on hand to help buyers and sellers.
  • Business support: Receive personalised sales and strategy advice.

The disadvantages

What are the downsides to selling on ManoMano?

  • No help centre: There is no online help centre to troubleshoot
  • No tutorials: Sellers can't access tutorials for step-by-step instructions for using the platform.
  • Competition: Online customers will compare your products with those offered by 300 other brands and almost 4,000 sellers.

About the customers

These are some statistics about the online shoppers who use ManoMano in various countries. (Data from SimilarWeb in September 2023).

The UK

Most of the British customers that visit ManoMano UK are male (56%) and 45-54 years old (21%). The second-largest age group of online visitors are 25-34 years old (20.7%).

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The most common French customers that visit Mano Mano France are male (63%) and 55-64 years old (20%). The second-largest age group of online visitors are 45-54 years old (18%).


A significantly large number of customers that visit ManoMano Germany are male (72%) and 45-54 years old (21%). The second-largest age group of online visitors are 55-64 years old (17%).


More males (60%) than females visit the ManoMano Spain website. The age of online visitors is almost evenly split between three age groups: 55-64 years old (20.61%), 35-44 years old (20.59%), and 45-54 years old (20.35%).


For ManoMano Italy, online customers are predominantly male (70%) and 45-54 years old (22%). The second-largest age group of online visitors are 55-64 years old (18.6%).

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How to create a selling account

Step 1: Submit your details

ManoMano has strict requirements to join their seller programme. After completing their short questionnaire, they will review your company and product details before you are permitted to become an authorised seller on their ecommerce website. The waiting time for this process is one week.


  • Offer products within the DIY, home and living, or pet care niches.
  • Provide customers with a high level of service.
  • Offer competitive prices to customers.
  • Products must be of good quality.

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Step 2: Upload your products

Once you are an official seller on ManoMano, you can upload your product inventory. Make sure you have product data such as SKUs, product names, product descriptions, and prices. Each item will need to be assigned a product category.

Step 3: Create product listings

Get your items ready to sell by creating your product listings. For each product, you will need to add a product page with all the necessary details that customers will look for. These include product features, description, and price.

Step 4: Start selling!

It's as simple as that. Once you have completed these steps, you can begin selling your items on ManoMano. You might also consider the following to boost your product visibility:

  • Set up sponsored ads
  • Add a promotional badge to products
  • Create cross-selling incentives
  • Add discount plans

All of the ideas above can be accessed from your ManoMano seller dashboard.

To summarise

Online marketplaces are excellent for expanding your audience without investing thousands in marketing and advertising.

Plus, since ManoMano is a specialist platform for DIY, hardware, furniture, garden, and pet products, this website has many website visitors who are the target consumers for dropshippingXL sellers.

Signing up to ManoMano is straightforward once you pass the necessary requirements and it could greatly boost your return on investment.

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