Kids toys to dropship in winter 2022

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Get your dropshipping store ready for the winter and festive season. Ecommerce sites specialising in children's toys and games can benefit from adding these trending items.

Play tent

A child's tipi (or teepee) is a versatile toy for all seasons. During winter it makes playtime indoors more fun and exciting. Rainy, cold, and dark weather make the ideal time for a comfortable and cosy tent in their bedroom. Even better, a play tent can be used all year round, so kids can enjoy their hideaway den in the garden when the winter ends.

vidaXL kids tipi tent (EAN: 8720286162408)

Why customers will love play tents

  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and safe for children
  • Includes a carry bag to take to a friend's house
  • Stores away neatly
  • A classic children's toy that will always be popular
  • vidaXL kids teepee in peach stripe (EAN: 8720286162392)

    Wooden doll's house

    Another all-time classic toy is the wooden doll's house. This has been a favourite with children since they were first created in northern Europe in the 17th century. Again, this toy is great for playtime all year, however, when the biting cold makes it too miserable to run around outside, this will keep the kids quiet for hours.

    vidaXL three-storey dollhouse (EAN: 8718475509240)

    Why customers will love a dollhouse

  • Great for developing motor skills
  • Playing with the dollhouse encourages imagination
  • Children use creativity to make stories and dialogue
  • Social skills are engaged when playing together
  • Furniture and accessories can be collected for the house
  • Kids practice with design and colour when putting together each room
  • KidKraft dollhouse "Sweet Savannah" (EAN: 0706943658512)

    Toy workbench

    For smaller kids from three years old, a toy workbench is an adorable addition to their bedroom. Children love to copy adults and can feel very grown up with their own set of plastic tools. Playing Bob the Builder will help them to learn how to hold each piece of hardware, balance when standing by the bench, and improve their grip. Of course, this is a toy ideal for indoor play.

    vidaXL toy workbench with tools (EAN: 8718475954293)

    Why customers will love toy workbenches

  • Suitable for small kids 3-6 years old playing inside
  • Young children learn to refine their motor skills
  • Improving hand-eye coordination
  • Quality playtime away from a digital screen
  • Toy workbenches are made from safe plastic or wood
  • Step2 Big Builders Pro Toy Workbench (EAN: 0733538489190)

    Marble racecourse

    Every child needs a toy that requires some intense concentration. Not only does it give mum and dad some peace but it is a great educational game. The structure of a marble racecourse is built using parts that are either plastic, cardboard, or wood. Kids use their creativity to make an impressive track or follow an included guide for inspiration.

    Marble Racetrax 24 (EAN: 8718754869157)

    Why customers will love marble racecourses

  • A toy compact enough to fit in a child's bedroom
  • Toys made from cardboard are sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Kids can improve their fine motor skills
  • Using instructions helps children learn to follow a guide
  • Creating a marble racetrack develops a child's patience
  • Quercetti Skyrail Evolution marble racing track (EAN: 8007905066003)

    Go Kart

    For those winter days without rain, every kid wants to be outside burning energy! Go-karts are the most exciting toy for boys and girls. They will happily spend countless hours racing up and down the street, showing off their wheels. A clever way to entice children off their tablets and gaming consoles, go-karts offer outdoor adrenaline.

    vidaXL go-kart with adjustable seat (EAN: 8718475509028)

    Why customers will love go-karts

  • Outdoor play that promotes exercise
  • Kids can use a go-kart with an adjustable seat for many years
  • Sharing play with a go-kart encourages teamwork
  • Great for kids that love motorsports and racing
  • Improving reflexes and reaction time
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • vidaXL go-kart in red (EAN: 8718475812371)


    Appeal to parents, grandparents, and family members that are looking for toys to buy this winter and Christmas. These dropshipping suggestions for indoor and outdoor play in the cold months will keep kids entertained and help with Santa's shopping list.

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