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Blogging is a crucial tool for dropshippers. It is often overlooked and forgotten about. This article explains why you need to write blog posts for your ecommerce store and how. It's easier than you think!

Why write a blog post?

Blogging is helpful for marketing and SEO, as well as providing your dropshipping customers with useful information.

SEO - blog posts are the most effective place to use keywords relevant to your ecommerce business. As a result, Google will feature your website higher in SERPs (search engine results pages) and you'll receive more web traffic.

Linkbuilding - build your website's authority with Google by linking to other blog posts and pages on your site, external websites, and sources of information.

Promote trust - providing trustworthy information is not just loved by Google. Readers of your blog will appreciate the useful posts you publish. These readers are more likely to buy from you if they trust your content marketing.

How to write a blog post

Create a compelling title

Of course, every blog post needs an attractive title. Think of a title that will pull the reader in or address a problem your audience needs to fix.

Types of titles:

  • How-to [subject]
  • Reasons why you need to [subject]
  • # ways to do [subject]

Your blog title should ideally include at least one keyword, tell readers what to expect, and use numbers to provide clarity.

The content

Before you dive into writing your first blog post, you need to know about copywriting. 

Writing for an online audience is different from penning a novel. Copywriting is writing for advertisements, marketing and publicity material. Read our article "Copywriting tips for dropshippers" to learn more about it.

Tips for your writing:

  • Use short sentences
  • Don't use a lot of filler words
  • Use simple language 
  • Use bullet points 
  • Break up large chunks of text 

Remember that online users skim-read. So, don't post a wall of text and expect your readers to read it. Break it up into smaller paragraphs of 2-3 sentences.

What about keywords?

A blog post should not be stuffed with keywords. Google will flag your website as spam and you won't even appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Secondly, you want to build trust with your readers. Put your focus on creating useful content and then think about how to weave your keywords into it.

The format

Every blog post should follow a similar structure:

  • Introduction
  • The main points are separated by headings
  • Short summary to finish
  • Suggest your other blog posts for them to read next

The format can change slightly depending on the type of title you choose.

For example, a listicle is a blog post that features a list. The title of the post might be "5 must-see cities in Europe" or "8 ways to update your wardrobe." This type of post is also called a roundup.

What to include in an introduction

An introduction should be relatively short. Include content such as:

  • Why the subject of the post is relevant
  • Statistics to prove this
  • Who the blog post is for
  • How this post will help your readers
  • Anecdotes and stories paint a picture 

How to end a blog post

Finish your post with a brief outro. Round up the main points and reiterate why the subject is significant to your audience. Ending with a call to action is also crucial. You want to direct your reader to do something other than leave your website. 

This could be: 

  • Prompt the reader to leave a comment 
  • Direct them to a relevant product
  • Link to a free resource
  • Suggest similar articles on your website to read

To summarise

Now you know how to create a sensational blog post. Try it for yourself. Read the blog posts of your competitors for inspiration. Don't forget to post regularly for your audience.

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