Tips for creating a Christmas gift guide to increase sales

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What is a Christmas gift guide?

A Christmas gift guide is a simple marketing technique. It is a selection of your ecommerce products that you recommend to customers who are stuck for gift ideas. It's so easy to create a Christmas gift guide and quickly reap the benefits that it's a crime to not make one.

Why are gift guides important?

The goal is to make Christmas shopping easy for your customers so they spend less time thinking and more time purchasing from your store. Online shoppers spend hours scrolling through websites for the perfect gifts, which can be exhausting and frustrating. Gift guides help make the experience hassle-free.

The benefits of Christmas gift guides:

  • Extremely low cost to create
  • Showcase products
  • Help shoppers make a choice
  • Save your customers time
  • Increase conversion
  • Follow these steps for creating your Christmas gift guide and boost your ecommerce sales this festive season.

    How to create the best Christmas gift guide for shoppers

    1. Choose a theme

    Start by choosing a few themes for your gift guide. The two that shoppers are the most familiar with are "gifts for him" and "gifts for her."

    Think about your products and who your customers might buy them for. More specific themes will also be appreciated by your audience. These could be "gifts for the person that has everything," "gifts for an adrenalin junkie," or "gifts for the stylish friend."

    2. Curate

    Now you have your themes, select products from your ecommerce inventory that you want to feature for each one. If you have a small inventory of products, you can hand-pick the items you think your customers will appreciate at Christmas.

    For larger inventories, use these techniques:

  • Make the most of your sales data and trends to choose bestselling products
  • Use social media to create polls and let your customers tell you which products they are shopping for
  • Explore Instagram and TikTok for an idea of what products customers are loving right now
  • Visit your competitors to see what they are recommending to their shoppers
  • 3. Make it visually appealing

    Obviously, your gift guide needs to look good. Product photos should be high-resolution and the banners you create to advertise your gift guide should be festive, eye-catching, and lure online shoppers to click and browse.

    The format of your gift guide

    There are a few ways to display your Christmas gift guide on your dropshipping store. You can create a Christmas landing page that displays each of your gift guide themes with graphics that customers click through for the products.

    You might prefer to skip the web page that visually shows the themes and instead direct customers straight to your Christmas shop. To help customers find gifts easily, you can include your themes in a sidebar as a filter.

    Choose the method that works for your website. Remember, the fewer steps your customers need to make to get to the Christmas products, the better. The fewer clicks required when browsing, the less the bounce rate, and the lower the number of abandoned baskets.

    4. Showcase on your website

    If your Christmas shop isn't immediately shown on your home page, be sure to make it easy to find.


    Create a banner for the top of your home page to advertise your gift guide with Christmas imagery.

    Post a blog

    Advertise your gift guide in your dropshipping blog if you have one. Let customers know they can make the most of this festive shopping feature. Publishing a blog post will also help you improve your Christmas SEO campaign by using tailored keywords related to your gift guide.

    Add to your header menu

    Customers scan websites for the things they are looking for. To make it easy for Christmas shoppers on your website, add a clear Christmas option to your header menu. This could be "Christmas shop," or "Christmas gift guide," for example.

    5. Adapt for social media

    Include a link to your Christmas gift guide on your social media pages including your Instagram bio and Facebook page info.

    To really impress online shoppers, create social media versions of your Christmas gift guide, especially for Instagram stories, TikTok videos, and Facebook videos. Highlight and pin these videos on your social media pages to increase the traffic from social media to your Christmas shop.

    6. Send to your customers by email

    This is the best and most powerful tool to use for promoting your Christmas gift guide. Send an email to your subscriber list to further capture customers and lead them into the sales funnel.

    You can feature one gift guide theme per email as part of your Christmas campaign. Use enticing designs and clever copywriting to make your promotional emails stand out from the crowd.


    Seize every opportunity to make huge profits at Christmas by using these techniques. A Christmas gift guide can help you draw in the masses and is highly recommended as part of optimising your dropshipping store for the festive season.

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