Ultimate guide: 21 summer products to dropship (2023)

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Your ecommerce sales will soar this summer with this list of dropshipping products. Consumers usually shop for items related to travel, the outdoors, garden entertainment, and escaping the heat in the summer months. Lost for ideas for your ecommerce store? Check out these 21 summer products to dropship in 2023.

1. Above-ground swimming pools

It comes without saying that swimming pools are popular during the summer. It's common for online customers to choose above-ground pools because of their non-permanent installation and lower cost.

Why sell above-ground swimming pools

  • Cheaper than installing a below-ground swimming pool
  • Quick to set up and fill
  • Most are foldable to store away after summer
  • An affordable way to entertain at home
  • An alternative to cooling down without heading to the beach

Above-ground swimming pools to dropship

Intex frame swimming pool 450x220x84cm (EAN: 8720286065631)

Key selling points:

  • Large size to accommodate several people
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Holds 7,100 litres of water

Bestway Fantastic Aquarium (EAN: 6942138973686)

Key selling points:

  • An inflatable kids' pool is easy to set up
  • Inflatable octopus, fish, and star toys included
  • The inflatable slide is detachable

vidaXL steel wall swimming pool (EAN: 8720286589786)

Key selling points:

  • A premium swimming pool option
  • Permanent construction in the garden
  • Holds 15,900 litres of water

2. Bicycles

Summer is all about getting outdoors. This means more family activities outside to make the most of the weather and longer nights. Bike rides are popular as a fun and active excursion, from a relaxing bike trail to mountain biking.

Why sell bicycles

  • Bike rides are a staple summer activity
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Huge range of bicycles to sell
  • Bicycles sell at high prices
  • Bicycle accessories offer an opportunity to cross-sell

Bicycles to dropship

vidaXL mountain bike (EAN: 8720286318096)

Key selling points:

  • 29" fat tyres
  • Suspension fork
  • 21-speed drive-train with Shimano derailleur

vidaXL girl's pink bicycle (EAN: 8719883807775)

Key selling points:

  • Front carrier to add a basket
  • Stabilisers for learning to ride a bike
  • Chainguard to protect children's feet

vidaXL Holland Dutch bicycle (EAN: 8720286155165)

Key selling points:

  • Built for city riding
  • Wheel reflectors for safety
  • Comfortable wide seat

3. Beach and garden games

Holidays, camping trips, day trips, beach days, and staying in the garden are more enjoyable with competition. Beach and garden games are entertaining to play with friends and family. These items are relatively lightweight and easy to dropship.

Why sell beach and garden games

  • Entertainment that is easy to pack and take anywhere
  • Highly popular among all ages
  • Simple to play
  • Adds a competitive spirit to days out
  • Affordable for many consumers

Beach and garden games to dropship

Get & Go Instant Badminton game set (EAN: 8716404328634)

Key selling points:

  • Handy storage box with handle
  • Racquets, shuttlecocks, and a net included
  • Easy to set up without securing the net to the ground

Tender Toys tug-of-war game (EAN: 8720573115407)

Key selling points:

  • 10 metre rope length
  • Flag in the middle of the rope
  • Ribbons and stakes to mark team starting lines
  • Traditional outdoor game

Mookie Swingball Tournament All-Surface (EAN: 5021854972850)

Key selling points:

  • The base transforms into a carry case
  • Adjustable pole
  • Fill the base with water for stability
  • Well-known and trusted brand

4. Drink coolers

Hot summer days need ice-cold beverages. Drink coolers will be in demand as consumers plan to take them to the beach, on camping trips, to the garden, and for picnics in the park.

Why sell drink coolers

  • Huge demand during summer
  • Evergreen product that never gets out-of-style
  • High-end drink coolers have eye-catching features
  • Cheaper than buying an electric refrigerator
  • Easy to cross-sell with other related items

Drink coolers to dropship

Keter illuminated cool bar (EAN: 7290106933866)

Key selling points:

  • Suitable for events or garden barbecues.
  • An ice bucket and cocktail table in one
  • Illuminates to add ambience
  • Made of weather-resistant resin
  • Portable

AXI country cooler (EAN: 8717973931157)

Key selling points:

  • 76 litre capacity
  • Elegant synthetic rattan detailing
  • Caster wheels make moving easy
  • Ideal for big events and parties
  • Bottom shelf for storing items

Outwell Pelican cooler bag (EAN: 5709388112163)

Key selling points:

  • 30 litre capacity
  • Lightweight for picnics or camping
  • Shoulder strap
  • Self-inflating

5. Children's swing sets

Parents love children's swing sets as a way for kids to spend more time outdoors and away from digital screens. There are many swing sets to accommodate even compact gardens. More adventurous climbing frames feature play towers, slides, rock walls, and swings.

Why sell children's swing sets

  • Promotes active playtime outdoors
  • A safe climbing structure
  • Encourages exercise, coordination, and teamwork
  • Provides hours of fun for children aged 3-13
  • Children can invite and make friends
  • High product price

Children's swing sets to dropship

vidaXL wooden playhouse with swings (EAN: 8719883808895)

Key selling points:

  • Solid pinewood structure
  • Weather-resistant metal hooks for swings
  • Features a tower, a slide, and two swings
  • Transform the garden into an adventure playground

vidaXL play tower with rockwall (EAN: 8720845754945)

Key selling points:

  • Solid pinewood structure
  • Colourful rock wall for safe climbing
  • Option to add a slide
  • Safety railing at the top of the tower

vidaXL metal frame swing set (EAN: 8718475571131)

Key selling points:

  • Secure metal A-frame
  • Up to 5 children can play at one time
  • Includes ground pins for extra stability

6. Pet cooling mat

There are more animal owners identifying themselves as pet parents, which makes the pet niche very profitable. Pet items such as toys, clothes, and lifestyle products are more popular than ever. During the summer, pet parents will consider how to keep their dogs and cats comfortable during warm temperatures. The use of cooling mats help pets stay cool.

Why sell pet cooling mats

  • Pet parents spend a lot of money on pet products
  • Cooling mats will be in demand during the summer
  • Ideal for pets that spend a lot of time indoors
  • Promotes good pet health and wellbeing
  • Lightweight and easy to dropship

Pet cooling mats to dropship

Scruffs & Tramps dog cooling mat (EAN: 5060328820006)

Key selling points:

  • Non-toxic gel
  • Stays cool for one hour
  • No need to refrigerate or freeze

vidaXL elevated dog bed (EAN: 8718475716723)

Key selling points:

  • Breathable textile mesh
  • Elevated design allows ventilation
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Flamingo cooling pet pad (EAN: 5400585152425)

Key selling points:

  • Self-cooling non-toxic gel
  • Stays cool for hours
  • Place it in the fridge to make it even more effective
  • Easy to pack away

7. Camping equipment

Camping and hiking are high on the list for consumers in the summer season. Friendship groups, families, and couples enjoy days and nights in the open air. Camping enthusiasts need shelter, cooking, and sleeping equipment.

Why sell camping equipment

  • Outdoor activities have jumped in popularity especially since Covid-19
  • Camping equipment is relatively affordable
  • Young adults and older generations love camping
  • Appeal to the adventurous spirit
  • There are many accessories to cross-sell
  • It offers an excellent opportunity to offer bundles

Camping equipment to dropship

Outwell 3-person tunnel tent (EAN: 5709388119902)

Key selling points:

  • A wind guard system for high winds
  • Luminous guylines to prevent tripping
  • Two-room tent to fit 3 people
  • High-quality fibreglass tent poles

Easy Camp cooking set (EAN: 5709388126917)

Key selling points:

  • Lightweight and durable cooking set
  • Gas stove included
  • The pans pack neatly into one
  • Made of aluminium, copper, and stainless steel

vidaXL foldable camping kitchen unit (EAN: 8718475908395)

Key selling points:

  • Safe unit to set up a cooking stove
  • Fold-out shelves for food and utensils
  • 30-50kg load capacity
  • Foldable for easy transportation
  • Aluminium windshield for gas stove cooking

To summarise

This mega-list of summer products will boost your dropshipping sales. Take some time to research each item and see if it fits your product niche. Need a dropshipping supplier with a large selection of trending items? Sign up to dropshippingXL to access a catalogue of more than 90,000 dropshipping products with new items added monthly.

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