What are calls to action? Examples for ecommerce

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Ecommerce and marketing work hand in hand. So naturally, learning about some marketing techniques such as a call to action (CTA) will benefit your dropshipping business.

In marketing, a CTA is a way of getting your audience to do something.

By getting them right, you can improve your conversion rate (the number of sales you make from a piece of marketing).

Don't be put off by the sound of it - they are extremely easy to write!

Let us explain CTAs and how to write them.

What is a call to action?

A CTA is a prompt to encourage readers to do something.

This could be downloading something, clicking a link, subscribing to a newsletter, or buying a product.

CTAs use direct language and short phrases.


  • "Buy now" - starts the sales funnel
  • "Add to basket" - prompts you to make a purchase
  • "Subscribe" - to a newsletter, YouTube channel, or product
  • "Read more" - link to a blog post
  • "Sign up" - for a subscription or programme
  • "Learn more" - redirect to another webpage
  • "Follow us" - link to social media
  • "Download" - access to material
  • "Start now" - prompt to sign up
  • "Get offer" - prompts purchase
  • "Join today" - link to sign up page
  • "Shop now" - directing the customer to buy
  • "Book now" - for booking an event or reservation

Why are CTAs so crucial?

CTAs are short but effective commands.

They instruct the audience very clearly about what they need to do next.

CTAs are used everywhere - on websites, email newsletters, social media adverts, online banner adverts, blog posts, and social media posts.

So, why are they helpful to dropshippers?

The mistake novice dropshippers and entrepreneurs can make is forgetting about CTAs altogether.

You might create a beautiful ecommerce store. However, if there are no prompts for visitors to navigate to another product page, purchase, or learn more about the business, they will leave your site.

Online shoppers are very easy to lose.

Make it simple for your online audience. Tell them what they need to do next.

How to write CTAs for dropshipping

Social media adverts

Use a CTA at the end of your ad.

For example, if you create an ad to promote a product, include the instructions "Buy now" or "Browse shop."

If you create an ad to promote an offer or discount, include the CTA "Get offer," "Shop now," or "Get deal."

Use just one CTA per social media advert.

Blog posts

At the end of blog posts, add a CTA such as "Related articles" to link to other similar blog posts.

You can also use "Sign up" or "Contact us" with a description of how they need your services if the post is related to your speciality.

We recommend you use several hyperlinks throughout your blog post. These can be keywords that you link to relevant articles.

However, at the end of your blog post, using just one CTA is optimal.

Email newsletters and e-shots

More lengthy in content than social media ads and blog posts, promotional emails benefit from a few CTAs.

Add a relevant CTA to each topic you cover.

For example, at the beginning of your email, you might mention the latest arrivals in your outdoor furniture category. Add the CTA "See new arrivals" with a link to the relevant product page.

In the next segment of your email, you might mention a useful guide you have created to help customers choose a new lawnmower. Here you would add "Download guide."

At the end of your email, you might finish by promoting your social media channels. Here you could add "Follow us for updates."

Extra tips

  • A/B test your CTAs to see which ones are more effective
  • Use a contrasting colour to highlight your CTA
  • Try including CTAs in clickable buttons
  • Where appropriate, include a CTA above the fold (at the top of the web page so they don't need to scroll down)

To summarise

Now you're ready to start using CTAs. Remember that less is more! Don't overwhelm your audience with too many options. Keep your language simple and direct. And finally, make sure that every piece of your dropshipping marketing includes CTAs to ensure you don't lose a sale.

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