What is dropshippingXL and how does it work?

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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an ecommerce business model that allows you to sell goods online without keeping or handling the stock yourself. When a customer makes an order it is packed and shipped straight from the supplier's warehouse.

Why is dropshipping popular?

There are many benefits to dropshipping that make it an attractive business idea for entrepreneurs.

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Low start-up costs

Setting up a dropshipping business only requires a laptop, the internet, and a subscription to a dropshipping programme. As the supplier takes care of your customer orders, dropshipping allows you to focus on the marketing, branding, and advertising aspects.

No warehouse needed

One of the biggest expenses associated with ecommerce is renting and managing warehouse space. With dropshipping, however, you don't need to worry about paying for the storage of your inventory or paying someone to pack orders.


Decide which niche market you want to target, which products you want to sell, and how many hours you want to dedicate to your dropshipping business. You can be a beginner or an expert in marketing and ecommerce - dropshipping is suitable for anyone with an interest in online retail.

What is dropshipping?

dropshippingXL gives you the power to build your own ecommerce business.

By partnering with us, you can sell products to customers around the world without needing a warehouse, inventory, or large startup funds. Work anywhere, anytime, and on your terms.

The story behind dropshippingXL

dropshippingXL is the dropshipping programme from our trusted home and garden online retail brand, vidaXL.

vidaXL is an ecommerce giant based in Venlo, the Netherlands, but we have international fulfilment centres. Our dropshippers can sell to customers in over 33 different countries including Europe, the US, the UAE, and Australia.

The programme is ideal for entrepreneurs that want a wide selection of high-quality products at affordable prices, efficient delivery to customers, and top-class order fulfilment.

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What products does vidaXL sell?

Home and garden assortment

vidaXL specialises in a huge array of best-selling home and garden items including furniture, bathrooms and kitchens, garden furniture sets, and outdoor accessories.

Popular product categories

There's a whole lot more we offer besides this. Within our range of 90,000 items online, dropshippers can browse:

  • Sporting goods
  • Baby products
  • Children's toys
  • Pet care products
  • Electronics
  • Industrial and DIY supplies

vidaXL branded products

Most of the range at vidaXL is our own brand. These products have been designed and created based on the latest buying trends and current demand. Our relationship with our manufacturers ensures that customers enjoy these products at a reasonable price.

A selection of well-known brands

Besides our products, we also stock items from a selection of known brands such as Disney, Bestway, Intex, Tomy, Wahl, and Philips. It's imperative for us to offer online consumers a variety of preferred brands that they trust and enjoy using.

How does dropshippingXL work?

It couldn't be easier! Any business can start dropshipping with vidaXL without any prerequisites. Getting started is as simple as these steps:

Step 1: Sign up to dropshippingXL

Step 2: Choose vidaXL products for your store

Step 3: Set your profit and start selling

Step 4: vidaXL packs and ships your customer orders

Step 5: Track and manage your orders in our intuitive portal

Why choose dropshippingXL?

No commission on sales

Unlike some of our main competitors, dropshippingXL doesn't charge you commission. Subscribing to the programme is a flat rate of only €30 per month. So, regardless of your sales, you don't have any surprises to pay for!

Over 90,000 products to choose from

With a large catalogue of original, well-made, and affordable products, dropshippers can easily find a best-selling item from vidaXL for their online store.

No inventory costs

dropshippingXL stores and ships the inventory you sell. There's no stress or costs associated with warehousing or staff to fulfil your orders.

Reliable and fast delivery to your customers

Your customers will receive their orders promptly with vidaXL. Unlike other dropshipping suppliers, orders placed with dropshippingXL don't ship from Asia.

We have fulfilment centres in the Netherlands, Poland, the US, Australia, and UAE to speed up delivery times.

Our warehouse teams efficiently pack and prepare your customer orders, leaving you more time to focus on your dropshipping business.

Dropship in one of 33 countries

Find your ideal market by choosing one of over 33 countries to start dropshipping.

vidaXL delivers products to customers in the UK, the US, Ireland, Australia, the UAE, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Austria, Slovenia, Iceland, Portugal, Norway, Belgium, Turkey, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, and Slovakia.

Integrate your shop with API plugins

Using our API plugins, you can synchronise product data from vidaXL with your ecommerce store. Here is how the API integration works:

  • Quickly import vidaXL products to your webshop
  • See real-time stock and pricing updates
  • Automatically send your order processing to vidaXL
  • Lightspeed, Magento, and WooCommerce apps are available

Customer returns handled for you

If your customers want to send an item back, that's no problem. In fact, it's another feature that sets us apart from other dropshipping programmes. Customer returns come straight to our warehouse and are handled by us.

Business support to help you grow

Starting a new business doesn't come without a few obstacles along the way. We have made it easy for you to contact our business support team for assistance when you need it.

Our team is available for you to contact by email or instant chat. This will enable you to request technical advice, product and delivery queries, and help with any other questions you might have.

Dropshippers can refer to our dedicated Help Center for more information.

How much profit can you make with dropshippingXL?

Dropshippers can choose what price to list vidaXL products at, which gives them more control over profit margins.

There is no commission on your sales so what you make is yours. Enjoy the benefits of the dropshippingXL programme for only €30 per month.

It is feasible to make anywhere from €10-50k per month, which is an annual income of €120-600k. Factors for success include how much time you dedicate to your dropshipping business, your marketing strategy, and persistence.

How successful are current dropshippers with dropshippingXL?

More than 4,000 dropshippers are part of the dropshippingXL programme. We're excited to share that many of the dropshippers in our community have seen incredible success with their ecommerce stores.

Read these case studies to see exactly how entrepreneurs have untapped the potential of their online business with us.

Kevin, €20k per month revenue

A member of the dropshippingXL programme, Kevin, joined in 2018. By consistently working on his dropshipping store, he was able to see revenue of €20k per month after just two years.

Vincent, €50k per month revenue

Experienced with selling on Amazon, Vincent decided to change suppliers and work with dropshippingXL. After three years in the programme, Vincent was making €50k on average per month.

Start your dropshipping business

Are you ready to begin with dropshippingXL? Build and grow your ecommerce business at your pace by joining our dropshipping programme. Find more information about dropshipping with us by heading to our corporate website. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dropshippingXL suitable for beginners?

Yes, you don't have to be an expert in ecommerce to get started with dropshippingXL. We have a blog with tutorials and tips as well as a learning academy to help you with your dropshipping business.

Do I need a website to start dropshipping?

You can sell vidaXL products online without having your own ecommerce website. You can sell on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay or on social media. For more details, see our blog post "How to start dropshipping if you don't have a website."

Can I sell vidaXL products without signing up for dropshippingXL?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to sell our products without being part of the dropshippingXL programme. Signing up to dropshippingXL lets you sell high-quality, trending products with the help of our business support and sales portal.

How much is dropshippingXL?

The fee to join dropshippingXL is only €30 per month. There's no commission regardless of your sales revenue.

What is the dropshippingXL cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription to dropshippingXL at any time. There is no contract and no cancellation fee. To cancel, you can email [email protected].

Which platforms are the dropshippingXL plugins compatible with?

The dropshippingXL plugins are suitable for WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento 1 and 2, Amazon, eBay, PrestaShop, Wix, Squarespace, Big Commerce, and Shoprenter to name a few. Check the Integrations page to see our updated list of plugins.

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