Which items to sell for Christmas on your dropshipping webshop?

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The winter holidays are approaching and dropshippers might have already started speculating on what to sell on their dropshipping stores. As a dropshipping entrepreneur, you must have a marketing strategy in place for the holiday season.

Christmas is the busiest shopping season all across the world and this can be the time when you get to boost your sales. Join us today, as we explore winning products for the busiest shopping season of the year. But, first let us see why Christmas is so important for dropshippers.

Average Spending on Christmas

With the rise of eCommerce, approximately half of the consumers are opting out of retail shopping in the US. According to a survey by Adobe in 2019, it was found that the average daily online shopping revenue crossed a little more than 2.3 billion during the Christmas season.

In the previous year, the same statistics accounted for 2.1 billion dollars. 43% of all these orders were placed via smartphones and the rest of the orders came from desktops.

High-on-demand products during Christmas

Winter has a very specific list of products that goes on-demand every year. It is the time when consumers are in search of classic upgrades, sassy outfits, and interesting gift options. If you pick such products for your dropshipping website, there is always a scope for success. dropshippingXL by vidaXL offers an array of beautiful and unique products. Sign-up with them now to explore the best items to dropship on your Christmas dropshipping store.

1. Animal and Pet Supplies

During the COVID-19 lockdown, a lot of people took interest in pet adoption and animal sheltering. That is why when you select products for your Christmas webshop; do not forget to add animal and pet-friendly products. People want to adopt pets, but it is hard to get affordable animal supplies. So, make it available to them via your dropshipping store.

Include pet grooming products, toys, and other pet-friendly products on your webshop. Such products can be dog kennel, rabbit hutch, chicken coop, dog swimming pool, dog bed, and toys, etc. There are so many more products for animal lovers, just do your research and see what your customers like.

2. Winter Staples

Even though every climate zone is different, shopping for winter is done across the entire world. That is why now is the time to fill your online store with winter staples. List products like fireplaces, fire pits, barbeque grill smokers, etc. However, when you list these products make sure they are of high quality. This is the time when people look forward to classy updates to their homes.

3. Furniture Sets

Make your house Christmas ready by sprucing up your house with some elegant and comfy furniture. Broaden your product range by adding home and garden furniture like cabinets, ottomans, outdoor furniture, room dividers, and shelvings. Make sure that the products that you choose come from a responsible dropshipping service provider. dropshippingXL can offer an array of trusted products.

4. Lawn and Garden Products

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we perceive the world and our mental health. It has made people more aware of their mental health and that is why 2021 saw a rise in demand for gardening products. Gardening is considered good for both mental and physical health. That is why you should offer products that can help your customers manage their plants in a better way.

5. Fleece Rugs and Carpets

Comfortable rugs and carpets are in high demand during the winter season. Most of the dropshippers list these products on their webshop, but it is the style selection that truly matters. Some of the most trending products for dropshipping stores are fleece and bamboo rugs. These rugs are not just beautiful but a reminder of an old and sustainable way of living.

6. Home decoration products

What is Christmas without some vibrant decorations? No matter how much decorating stuff people have in their garage, there is always room for more. Therefore, when you are picking products for your Christmas webstore, do not forget to add some gorgeous decoration products.

List items like wall decorations, pillows, framed artwork, Christmas tree decor, mirrors, wallpapers, candles, LEDs, curtains, etc. You can also sell some craft equipment that can help customers create wreaths and other similar items.

7. Toys and sports products

Christmas is that time of year when families come together to celebrate the holidays. Some like to go on a shopping spree, while others enjoy outdoor games and board games. Make sure your online store has all sorts of games. Board games and video games are in high demand during the Christmas season.

Now that you have a product list to go on your webshop, focus on the marketing strategy and wait for the magic to start. If you are at the very beginning of your dropshipping journey, experts of dropshippingXL can help you sort out the products. Their up-to-date products, genuine pricing, and smooth order processing make dropshipping rather easier.

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