Why You Should Dropship Rattan Furniture in Germany

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The outdoor furniture market in Germany is going to generate a revenue of USD 4.11 billion in 2024. Market experts are anticipating that this furniture segment will experience an annual growth rate of 2.35%. The German market for sustainable furniture is expanding, making it the right time for you to dropship rattan furniture in Germany.

Rattan is famous across the globe because of its functionality, versatility, durability, sustainability, and textures. According to vidaXL’s data, rattan furniture is in high demand in Germany as compared to other countries. Without wasting any time, you should know about the rattan furniture market in Germany, how to start a dropshipping store there, and the benefits you will get from dropshipping rattan furniture in Germany.

Factors to keep in mind when dropshipping rattan furniture in Germany

As a dropshipper, you need to think about tax regulations, business registration & legality of products when starting your dropshipping store in Germany. Among these three factors, tax obligation should be your priority. When doing business in Germany, you must be ready to pay required taxes like VAT. This tax is charged at applicable rates on the sale of goods and services.

You must register your business with the competent authorities before dropshipping rattan furniture in Germany. The next thing that you should keep in mind is the legality of your business. Avoid selling intellectual property, hazardous, age-restricted, and other related goods. We highly recommend checking business laws applicable to Germany or consulting a professional to know the specific information on starting an online business in Germany.

Benefits you will get from rattan furniture dropshipping in Germany

When you own a dropshipping business, you want to ensure that your customers get the highest-quality products and experience a smooth delivery. Choosing the best dropshipping suppliers for your business becomes important. In addition to the benefits your customers get from your rattan dropshipping store, you get the following benefits by adopting a dropshipping business model.

Adds additional income stream

Dropshipping is the best side hustle that can help you make money online. You can start rattan furniture dropshipping in Germany without leaving your full-time job. You just need to dedicate a few hours to handling customer queries, receiving their orders and most importantly marketing and promoting the products on social media or other channels for bringing new customers to your dropshipping store. Platforms such as dropshippingXL help you start your dropshipping journey without any struggle. You can sign up on our platform by paying €30/month. Our experienced account managers will help you with product queries and customer service.

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No need to manage inventory

In dropshipping you don’t need to store inventories. Your suppliers will ship directly to your customers after receiving the orders. All you have to do is set the pricing and profit margin. This will help you save costs on renting a warehouse or office space. What’s better is, you can manage everything from the comfort of your home. If you have been interested in selling furniture in Germany, then this is the best time to start dropshipping rattan furniture in Germany and build a successful online store.

Trendy furniture

You can explore the latest furniture designs and offer high-quality, beautifully crafted rattan furniture to your customers. The demand for rattan products is booming worldwide, giving all the right reasons to enter the domain of online furniture sales. Natural, A-grade rattan is the first choice among eco-conscious customers focused on reducing their carbon footprint. It’s worth noting that vidaXL is known for its high-quality rattan furniture and by signing up on dropshippingXL you become eligible to sell high demand vidaXL products directly to your customers.

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Fast shipping

Your customers experience a smooth delivery with dropshippingXL. One of the biggest challenges faced by dropshippers is when they try to find out a reliable supplier who ships the products efficiently and damage-free to their customers. This becomes all the more essential for furniture dropshippers. By choosing dropshippingXL you get direct access to the world-class logistics of vidaXL, spanned across multiple countries.

If you are interested in dropshipping, you can do your research and shortlist reliable suppliers. But before selecting a supplier, look for their logistics and delivery policy.


Rattan is eco-friendly, durable, requires low maintenance, can be mixed with different materials, and gives a rustic touch to your customer’s home. It’s lightweight and durable making it easier to ship the furniture anywhere. Also, the profit margins are high on rattan furniture. It should be on the top of your dropshipping list, and you must find reliable partners to start rattan furniture dropshipping in Germany.

With dropshippingXL, you can dropship rattan furniture in Germany in four easy steps. Just sign up on our platform, choose the products & set your prices, get shipping details, and track your order status. We will keep you updated on products & pricing and will give a smooth delivery experience to your customers.

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