Home and Garden

The Advantages of Selling Home and Garden Supplies Online

The global pandemic has upended our day-to-day lives and forced many of us to spend more time at home. As a result, the Home and Garden industry has seen a surge in growth over the past year, as people are deciding to make home improvements or pick up gardening as a new hobby. More and more customers are also turning to the internet for all of their home and garden needs. According to this Business Wire report from 2018, the market has also seen growth due to the rise in online shopping trends and mobile payment methods making purchases more convenient. Choose from a wide range of products to sell, including household appliances, bathroom accessories, decor, outdoor seating, plants, gardening accessories and more.

Why Should You Dropship Home and Garden Supplies?

Consider dropshipping home and garden supplies as an easy way to grow your business and capitalise on the growing market. The market growth and wide product offering from dropshipping suppliers means that home and garden accessories are some of the best dropshipping products to sell. Running a dropshipping business focused on selling home and garden supplies means you won’t have to tie your capital in inventory or reduce overhead expense, and you can run your business from anywhere you want. It’s convenient and cost effective for entrepreneurs to dropship home and garden supplies instead of running a wholesale store. With dropshipping, you can add products to your store in seconds and not worry about order processing. Learn how to dropship and invest the time and financial resources in growing your business.

Who Are the Main Distributors of Home and Garden Accessories?

We work with dropshippers all over the world, from Australia to the Czech Republic, who run unique stores selling a wide range of different products. At dropshippingXL, we are constantly updating our product catalogue, so that you have the latest items and can offer your end customer more choice. Concentrating your sales channel on selling Home & Garden supplies is a great way to make money from home and grow into a successful online business. It is one of the top earning product categories at vidaXL. Sales have increased each year and our range is constantly growing. Dropshippers who have specialised in Home and Garden supplies offer many items including interior decor, bathroom accessories, lawn and garden tools, pool and spa products, household appliances, kitchen and dining supplies and more.

Dropshipping Furniture with dropshippingXL

vidaXL is a leading online retailer. dropshippingXL by vidaXL is a service provider that effectively takes away the operational burden from your business. With dropshippingXL, distributors no longer need to worry about cost and labor, intensive inventory management, order processing, warehousing, and global shipping. We’ve got it covered. We act as a bridge between your business and customer, helping you grow your online store. vidaXL imports products from a large number of vendors, provides quality inspection services, adequate inventory management, and ships to more than 30 countries through multiple logistical channels. vidaXL has partnered with hundreds of vendors who manufacture high quality products from a wide range of industries including home and garden items. We only source products from suppliers who have historically maintained stellar reputation, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of our products. By relying on dropshippingXL, new businesses and entrepreneurs can save up time as well as capital resources, and relocate them to marketing expenses. This way, a major portion of business resources is spent on actually growing your brand instead of being consumed in day-to-day operations. dropshippingXL is the dropshipping partner you can trust. ​