How to Create a Dropshipping Return Policy?

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In a recent survey, it was found that 67% of buyers go through the return page before they make a purchase. That is why we cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to clearly list the dropshipping return policy for your website. Whether you are launching a dropshipping business or any retail store, you must be precise with return and refund policies.

In this article, we are going to discuss the details about dropshipping return policy:

Dropshipping return policy: Set up the criteria for return

There can be many reasons for a customer to return a product. For instance, they ordered the wrong size or they might not need the product anymore. As a dropshipper, you can comply with only a few of these reasons. After all, you have to maintain your profit margin. Here are some valid reasons for which you should accept, returns, and refunds:

· The product does not match the store's description

· The product does not fit right

· The product received is damaged or defective

· The product is lost in transit

Dropshipping: What to do with a return request?

Before you process the return request, you need to analyze whether the product is worth receiving again. Some low-cost products do not prove to be beneficial when returned. Suppose you are selling a necklace worth €4 and the customer changes his/her mind and now wants a different coloured necklace.

In such a case, accept a return only if the returning cost is lower than the actual price of the product. If not, you can let the customers keep the product and send a replacement too. By doing so, you are avoiding the shipping cost and building trust with your customers.

A return request indicates an unsatisfied customer. To ensure that the customer overlooks this experience and comes to your website again, you will have to make some extra efforts.

Exclusive coupon code: Shopping becomes extra fun when you add a small discount to it. Provide your customers with an exclusive coupon code so that they return to your website repeatedly.

Store credit: Just a few extra store credits for the refund amount can act as a great marketing technique.

Provide some freebies: To show your customers that you care, offer something free. Even a small sample can be a good gesture towards your customers.

When formatting a dropshipping return policy, mention the time for which the return policy is eligible. Usually, the wholesaler provides a timeline of 30 days to file a refund request. If the return request is made within this period, the entire shipping and refund liability will be taken care of by the dropshipping service provider.

The time limit and conditions may vary from supplier to supplier. So, discuss the details with your dropshipping provider before setting update details.

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