How to find the right dropshipping niche for your business?

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The first step towards starting a dropshipping store is to choose the most profitable dropshipping niche. It does not matter how nice your business idea is, if the product is not in demand, there won’t be any profit margin. However, finding the right products for your dropshipping business is not always an easy job.

Let’s see what dropshipping niches are the most popular in 2021:

The most profitable dropshipping niches for 2021

  • Health and personal care (sanitary paper, oral hygiene, bath and shower, hair styling products)
  • Home office products (office chairs, study tables)
  • Home improvement products (Garden supplies, bathroom products, household merchandise)
  • Pet products (dog bed and toys)
  • How to find the most popular dropshipping Niche?

    Deciding on the niche means understanding your client, demographics, as well as behavioral patterns. Thankfully there are several online tools that can help you find the right niche and products for your dropshipping business.

    Facebook Audience Insights

    Facebook audience insights is an online tool where you can learn more about your audience. By integrating its information and data, you can decide on a potential dropshipping niche and track the audience related to it. Facebook Audience Insights offers specifics like:

  • Page like: With the page like feature, you can decide what categories and topics most interest the audience.
  • Activity: The activity metrics delivers particulars like devices used, comments, and clicks on Facebook ads.
  • Demographic: With the demographic metrics, you receive details like age, location, education, and even relationship status of your audiences.
  • If you are wondering how to use Facebook audience insights for finding popular niches, then we have an example below.

    Suppose you want to start a dropshipping store related to the home improvement niche, mention a related keyword in the Facebook Audience Insight and it will represent the monthly activity. You will get details like how many people are interested in this post, their location, and even likes and dislikes.

    Depending on whether you want to sell your product globally or locally, you can define a specific country.

    Google Keyword Planner

    If you want to check how popular an item is, there is no better place than Google Search Engine. All you have to do is going to the Google Keyword Planner and mention a search phrase related to the product you are planning to sell. The tool will tell you how many people are searching for the product every month.

    Although we always recommend our users to go for the ‘exact match’ option, there is also an option about selecting abroad phrases. Make sure you check the Global Search Volume and Local Search Volume tool. This will help you determine where you want to sell your products.

    Google Trends

    Although the Google Keyword Planner is a great tool, for a more detailed insight you can go for Google Trends. Unlike keyword planner, Google Trends provides results related to search interest over time. Besides, you get details about the popular related search and geographical concentration.

    Tools for researching dropshipping products

    There are many other tools for researching dropshipping products and finding profitable niches. The key is to discover a niche that has low competition and high demand. Make sure you shop around and try multiple tools as it will give you a better chance of achieving success with dropshipping.