How to start dropshipping as a side hustle?

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Running a side hustle is more than just a source of income, it also gives you an incredible sense of freedom. A lot of people come to us with the query that – can dropshipping be a side hustle? Yes, dropshipping can be a great side gig that can award your work freedom as well as a good income.

In a recent survey, it was found that more than 44 million people have a side job in America. Everyone is looking for a side gig that can provide them with a constant flow of income and stability. Let’s see how you can start dropshipping as a side hustle.

What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is something that you can do along with your 9-5 job. The reason why more and more people are looking for a side hustle is because the 9-5 job is not sufficient for many. If you calculate your monthly income, once you have paid your rent and food bills, nothing much is left.

If you are facing such a crisis, a side hustle with high growth potential is what you need. A lot of people are leaving their 9-5 job to look for a side hustle and the main reason behind it is:

  • You work on something that you are passionate about
  • There is always room to grow
  • You don’t have to work 9-5
  • The financial benefits can grow exponentially
  • With the right side gig, you will be able to generate hundreds and even thousands of dollars as your monthly income. Besides, you will be setting up a business that can be fruitful in the future.

    Keep in mind that a side-hustle requires constant time, effort, and motivation. Plus, you will be working on it after a long day of work, so it should be something that you are really passionate about.

    Can dropshipping be a side hustle?

    Dropshipping is a great side-hustle as it doesn’t demand as much time and money as a traditional business model. You can start the business without any warehouse or product overhead cost. Even the setup process for dropshipping is quite simple. We have listed the process in seven brief steps, have a look:

    1. As a dropshipper, you will have to set up an online storefront

    2. Select a niche and product that you want to work with

    3. Select a dropshipping service provider who can take care of your shipping and return process

    4. List the product on your web page

    5. When someone places an order with your website, you receive the order detail, address, and other details

    6. All this information is forwarded to the dropshipping service provider or the wholesaler. Including the price of the product (while you keep the margin).

    7. The supplier will handle the packaging as well as the shipping

    If you have the right dropshipping service provider, setting up a dropshipping business is quite easy. Just be consistent with your efforts and you will be able to make some substantial benefits.

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