How to use the Instagram templates?

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If you want to up your Instagram game, say hello to the Instagram template. There isn't a better way to illustrate the story behind your brand than using Instagram’s templates.

Instagram has over 150 million users in the US itself and today it is one of the most trusted platforms to build brand awareness. With its unique features, creating brand content has become so easy that you will never again fall behind in posting business stories.

In this article we are going to talk all about Instagram templates and how you can use them.

What is an Instagram Template?

Instagram templates are post layouts that make it easier to put your story in front of the audience. You can select one of the templates and place store graphics and text on it. Using these templates means you do not have to create your post from scratch. Just some small edits, and your graphic content would be ready to be placed on the Instagram profile. The best thing about these templates are they even allow you to put your GIFs and videos too.

Why should you use Instagram Dimension Stories?

If you are ready to take your business presence to another level then here is how templates can be useful.

1. Templates are time-saving

Marketers often complain about how time consuming the entire advertising process is. But, with the launch of Instagram templates, marketing has become rather easier. Because you do not have to start from scratch to publish the content, it takes hardly ten minutes to create and publish a top-notch story.

2. Templates bring consistency to the branding

Using a consistent format brings the opportunity to strengthen the memorability of a brand. Brands that focus on the consistency of marketing witnessed a rise of 25% in revenue globally. Instagram templates when mixed with brand logos, fonts, and colors bring consistency to the branding.

How to choose the right Instagram Templates?

Easy customization: The template you choose should allow you to make changes on different software.

Design: The template should be in sync with the brand color and objective. E.g. If you are selling men's products, a fairy type background won’t work.

Flexibility: The template should offer freedom to add different types of content like gifs, videos, and graphics.

Tips to create a great Instagram template

Using the Instagram template, and the instagram video format that its templates support, you can announce new blog posts, company news, product launches, and event streaming. Down here, we have mentioned some promising Instagram template tricks that always end up bringing great results.

1. Select the right size

When you start designing a template, the first thing you need to do is choose the right size for your content. The optimal size for Instagram stories is 1080 * 1920 pixels. Once you have selected the size, you can proceed towards selecting photos, graphics or both.

2. Customized template

Now that you have selected a perfect size for your Instagram content it's time to show some creativity. There is customization option available for all the templates, using which you can add color palettes and background of your choice. We would recommend keeping a simple white background so you can play with the images and elements in the front. You can also change the color overlay and opacity to accentuate certain elements.

3. Add interesting texts

Images do say a lot, but it would be good if you add some nice text too. Make sure the font, font colors, and spacing matches with the image and template color and specifications. Every brand has a specific font, and we would recommend keeping it the same here also.

4. Use your brand colors and fonts

The Instagram brand template is there to improve your brand recognition. The templates do half of the job, and the rest is completed by the right choice of image and texts. Use the brand's fonts and colors, so that users can recognize the brand at just a glimpse.

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