What did I learn from my dropshipping business?

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I started my dropshipping store without any prior knowledge of the business model. In fact, it was just a side hustle for a while and now, it has turned into a full-time job.

Even though the growth curve has been consistent since 2018, I still wish there were a few things that I knew before starting. E.g. How important is social media for marketing purposes? However, nothing can match the hands-on experience that comes with dealing with problems on your own.

Over the years, I have learned a lot and in this article, I'm going to share some of the key points with you. So, keep reading:

Do not Switch Suppliers

Just like any other business, even dropshipping will take some time before turning into a profitable business. Patience and consistency are the keys here. Sometimes, to save money or to try some new products, dropshippers switch their suppliers repeatedly. This is one mistake that many dropshippers make and it costs them thousands of dollars.

Before choosing dropshippingXL as my permanent dropshipping service provider, I changed two suppliers and it caused a huge loss.

Instead of switching between suppliers, do beforehand research about the dropshipping service provider. Check the reviews and ratings, look for product photos and see if the prices suit you. dropshippingXL allows you to dropship more than 50,000 products across 30 countries. The prices are nominal, products are genuine, and you receive 24*7 customer assistance.

Focus on the Global Market

When it comes to dropshipping, people focus only on the American audience, but there are other markets too that can prove to be beneficial for your dropshipping business. Countries like the UK, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany offer pretty nice opportunities to dropshippers. Some other countries that you can invest in are Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Select multiple Marketing Channels

When you are starting your dropshipping business, one of the main concerns should be marketing. Initially, we want to try a little of everything, but that approach will only result in a wastage of time and money. Facebook ads and Instagram are fail-proof marketing platforms. You can also take advantage of Pinterest and Google Shopping Ads. However, keep in mind that paid advertising is only for short-term boosts. So, focus on Facebook and Instagram posts for long-term benefits.

Learn from your Mistakes

No matter what business you are running, few things will always go wrong, but do not give up yet. The marketing strategy might fail or you might hire someone who is not so efficient. Just because one of your ads failed, it does not mean that everything you are doing is wrong. Be patient and learn from your mistakes. After all, it is your responsibility to set the tone for your brand.

No matter how much you know and how much you have learned, there is always a scope to learn. Do not waste your time thinking about what we do not know yet. If you have the determination to make your business successful, you will be ready to face all obstacles.

dropshippingxl intro blog