11 TikTok-inspired home organisation products to sell (2023)

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Alongside slime videos, ASMR, comedy sketches, and makeup tutorials, TikTok has a world dedicated to home organisation.

These clips, up to three minutes long, have racked up millions of views. The makers of the videos show off the impressive military-style organisation of fridges, drawers, cupboards, pantries, wardrobes, desks, bathrooms, and beauty storage.

The trend for super-organisation has caused a demand for items that help order and categorise clutter in the home.

For dropshippers specialising in the home category, this is a lucrative niche. Take a look at these 11 products for home organisation, inspired by TikTok.

1. Cupboard organiser

Kitchen cupboards are notorious for being stuffed full and becoming a disorderly mess.

Not to mention the food at the back that never sees the light of day.

How many of us have discovered a tin of tuna or jar of cumin deep in our cupboards that expired three years ago?

The cupboard for pots and pans is also no man's land. Saucepans, frying pans, and skillets are all buried in a heap.

Installing a sliding cupboard organiser is every proud homeowner's dream.

HI cupboard organiser (EAN: 4034127340455)

Retractable cupboard trays make the most of cupboard space. It's easy to see what's on each shelf without emptying every item.

This one from HI is a standing organiser, designed for under-the-counter cabinets.

Current retail price: €58.

HI drawer basket tray (EAN: 4034127340479)

This heavy-duty basket tray is designed for loading your pots and pans. It is installed by screwing each sliding bracket to the inside walls of the cupboard.

No more fumbling in the back of dark cabinets to find your measuring jug.

Current retail price: €58.

2. Kitchen utensil holder

The clean aesthetic doesn't condone chaotic countertops.

For a kitchen to be proud of, every utensil should have its place. That includes paper towels, spices, salt, pepper, chopping boards, oil, and spatulas.

Excellent Houseware kitchen utensil holder (EAN: 8719987590511)

A kitchen organiser such as this one available at vidaXL keeps things in order. There are hooks to hang ladles and serving spoons, a container for spices, seasonings, and oil, and a pot to store whisks and wooden spoons.

Organisers that hang on the wall are fabulous for keeping countertops clear of clutter and creating more space.

Current retail price: €39.

3. Shoe cabinet

Mountains of shoes on the porch or in the hallway are an unsightly mess and a tripping hazard.

Tidy up shoes, trainers, boots, and slippers with a shoe cabinet to maintain order.

vidaXL shoe storage bench (EAN: 8719883590639)

Customers will love this shoe storage bench made of solid walnut wood. It doubles as a seating bench and a place to tidy away shoes.

The shelves pull down at an angle to keep shoes out of sight so house guests will only admire the lattice detailing.

Current retail price: €106.

4. Wardrobe and closet shelves

Clothes, bags, belts, and accessories can easily become jumbled in wardrobes and closets.

Hanging wardrobe shelves and organisers helps to maximise space.

Similar popular items for closet organisation include handbag holders and hat holders to proudly put on display.

vidaXL hanging closet organiser (EAN: 8720287018513)

This stack of shelves from vidaXL is made of durable plastic. It hangs in the wardrobe for storing foldable clothes and accessories such as belts.

The grid structure makes it easy to see the contents of each shelf as opposed to fabric shelving units.

Current retail price: €33.

5. Shower shelves

According to TikTok, keeping your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash on the shower floor is not how organised people live.

Shower shelves, however, are the only way to store your toiletries.

EISL chrome shower shelves (EAN: 9002560799111)

Two-tier shower shelves are popular and provide ample room for gels, soaps, and conditioners.

Current retail price: €55.

6. Bathroom storage shelves

No matter the size of your bathroom, it always becomes an unsightly mess if there isn't enough storage.

TikTok organisers like to use shelving units to make sure everything has a place.

Keep the bathroom sink free of clutter by moving anything that isn't a toothbrush or soap onto a shelf.

Each shelf has a function, one for hair products, one for skincare, and one for items such as cotton wool, cotton buds and tissue.

Another set of bathroom shelves can also be used to store neatly folded towels, facecloths, and hair turbans.

EISL bamboo bathroom shelves (EAN: 9002560706645)

This bathroom shelf available at vidaXL has a natural appeal. It's made from sustainable bamboo and has three tiers.

The grid structure makes it easy to see the contents of each shelf as opposed to fabric shelving units.

Current retail price: €67.

7. Shower squeegee

A running theme in every home cleaning and organisation TikTok is the shower squeegee.

Only the most exemplary examples of human life in today's world use a squeegee after each shower.

Why clean the shower glass later when you can wipe it down straight after using it?

TikTok has also told us that not any squeegee will do. No, only a squeegee with a hanger so it's neatly stored and presentable at all times.

Sealskin deluxe window wiper (EAN: 8717821398286)

A silicone squeegee such as this one means streak-free glass after cleaning. The soft silicone conforms to the surface being wiped down.

Current retail price: €45.

8. Electric cleaning brush

Another viral product on the home edition of TikTok.

It's a miracle if you haven't seen videos of the infamous electric cleaning brush.

TikTok has gone crazy for this gadget that features a long telescopic handle, electrically-powered rotating action, and multiple brush heads.

Taking the elbow grease out of cleaning, homeowners can have a sparkling home with a fraction of the effort.

Turbo Scrub cleaning brush (EAN: 8719128647081)

This Turbo Scrub brush is available from vidaXL. It's wireless and chargeable, which makes scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens less of a hassle.

Thanks to the adjustable handle, there's no more bending down to scrub showers, bathtubs, and floors.

Current retail price: €54.

9. Soft storage boxes

All organised homes on TikTok need to have storage boxes.

In particular, collapsible soft storage boxes seem to be a favourite for stockpiling household items, storing children's clothes, and keeping things orderly.

TikTok videos use this style of storage bin for keeping soft items such as spare paper towels, napkins, and tea towels in the pantry.

They can also be used for extra bath towels, dusting cloths, blankets, bed sheets, pillows, tablecloths, baby supplies, and clothes.

vidaXL collapsible storage box (EAN: 8720286505380)

Current retail price: €23.

10. Storage trolley

Every room in the house can benefit from a storage trolley.

TikTok organisers love using these for beauty products, kid's toys, study materials, pet supplies, the baby's nursery, the bathroom, the laundry room, the pantry, or a walk-in wardrobe.

The wheels make it convenient for moving around a room.

vidaXL storage trolley (EAN: 8718475586708)

Current retail price: €37.

11. Laundry organiser

A laundry organiser can make light work of large piles of laundry.

TikTok has helpful videos for this dreaded household chore. Many showcase organising techniques such as how to keep a laundry room stocked up and how to make laundry easier.

vidaXL 3-piece laundry sorter (EAN: 8718475938163)

A laundry hamper with colour-coded compartments prevents getting snowed under with the washing.

It can be used for sorting clean or dirty laundry. Each compartment is removable and machine-washable.

Current retail price: €30.

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