Rattan Garden Furniture Guide: How to Start Rattan Furniture Dropshipping

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The shopping trends have shifted, and now buyers are more inclined toward sustainable purchases. This trend is there in clothing as well as home decor. Maybe that’s the reason rattan has become trendy. What backs up this claim is that the market size of rattan furniture is going to reach $870.19 million in the next few years. What does it mean for your rattan furniture dropshipping store?

Well, it indicates that TODAY is the right time to start selling wholesale rattan furniture. It’s a good idea to include rattan-made furniture and garden decor in your store. This way, you can appeal to sustainable customers willing to go the extra mile to protect the environment.

So, embrace natural elegance with rattan products and offer trendy and functional furniture to your customers. But before going into detail about how you can start rattan furniture dropshipping, have a look at garden furniture trends.

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Rattan Garden Furniture Trends & How it Can Benefit Rattan Furniture Dropshippers

Garden or outdoor decoration has gained popularity as many of us want a cosy space to spend a relaxed evening. You might also have decorated your outdoor spaces with fairy lights or other lovely stuff. Or at least would have gathered ideas of how to make your small balcony look big or which furniture to place in the outdoor seating space.

While you might have plenty of ideas to make your space look pretty, here are a few garden furniture trends to follow. As an owner of a rattan furniture dropshipping business, you can hop onto these trends to make a profit.

Sustainable Pieces

Consumers are most likely to buy sustainable furniture pieces for their outdoor space. Do you know what it means for your business? Exactly, you guessed it right! Rattan will be the hot-selling product for outdoor spaces. And why not? It’s sustainable, eco-friendly, durable, and natural. Adding wholesale rattan furniture to your dropshipping store will help you attract consumers who keep durability, beauty, quality, and eco-consciousness at the top of their minds.

Evergreen Style

Rattan is evergreen and can suit any nook & corner. Rattan-made patio benches, chairs, and planters have gained more popularity in the last few years. These furniture gives a natural look to the decor and probably that’s the reason people are more inclined toward such furniture. You can also add an evergreen style to your dropshipping store but first, you need to find the best rattan furniture suppliers for your business.

Durable Materials

Durability is hard to ignore whether we are talking about indoor or outdoor seating space. Materials such as rattan are highly durable and weather-resistant. Moreover, they are easy to clean and come in unique designs. Rattan furniture is also suitable for creating different looks and styles such as boho, beachy, and other interior decor options. With rattan furniture dropshipping, you can offer a versatile decor to your customers.

Furniture for Small Spaces

Not everyone owns a huge garden space. Therefore, furniture for small spaces will be in trend in the coming years. Selling rattan furniture for small spaces can be profitable for dropshippers. You can add compact coffee tables, chairs, ottomans, or corner sofas in your dropshipping store to offer style & elegance to people with limited outdoor space.

Rattan is versatile and can be combined with different woods to create an amazingly crafted furniture piece. It can add style, elegance, and beauty to any indoor or outdoor space. But before you step into selling rattan furniture, you should find the best rattan furniture suppliers for your store.

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Why You Should Start Rattan Furniture Dropshipping

The demand for rattan furniture for garden and outdoor spaces is increasing and the market’s growth momentum will be reaching a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 3.36%.

But what is more exciting is that 37% of market growth will originate in the APAC region with China & Japan leading the demand for rattan furniture. Another potential market for rattan furniture is North America.

Therefore, it’s the right time to step up your dropshipping game and sell wholesale rattan furniture across international markets for a high profit.

To tell you more, here are a few benefits of rattan furniture dropshipping.

Wider product range

Rattan furniture for garden and outdoor seating is available in different styles, weaving patterns, and sizes. You can offer a wider product range to your customers without having to hold any inventory. So do your research to find the best rattan furniture suppliers.

Cater to eco-conscious customers

The garden furniture trend speaks a lot about eco-conscious customers. With rattan furniture dropshipping, you can offer eco-friendly furniture to this set of people.

Update product catalogue

You can offer trendy and best-selling rattan furniture to your customers with dropshipping. Also, changing your product offering is never a difficulty. You can easily adjust your offerings to reach a wider audience.

Dropshipping wholesale rattan furniture is good for your business because you sell elegant and timeless pieces that are the current favourite of many people. Without wasting any more time, join the rattan revolution and reach the right audience.

How to Dropship Rattan Made Garden Furniture

To start your dropshipping journey with rattan furniture, you need to take care of three essential requirements- the best rattan furniture suppliers, the online store & the best products to select.

Let’s get to know about each of them in detail.

How to select the best rattan furniture suppliers?

This is ‘The Most Important’ thing when starting your online dropshipping business. You cannot mess with this step as your business depends on your supplier. Find a reliable supplier for your store. Start with doing your research. You can use the internet to find a list of suppliers. Experiment with different keywords to find the best rattan furniture suppliers serving your niche. Another way can be attending furniture expos to connect with manufacturers and suppliers. If you want a simple alternative, you can sign up with dropshippingXL to start your rattan furniture dropshipping business.

How to set up your online store?

Next in the line will be setting up your online store. You can use customisable and ready-to-use platforms like Shopify to set up your online store. Once your online store is ready, you can start selling.

How to select in-demand products?

You can start by selling rattan-made garden furniture like compact coffee tables, sofa corners, or planters. Rattan is highly in demand, so selling this product will help you boost your profits. With dropshippingXL, you get access to real-time product feed using which you can order trendy furniture.

Starting a rattan furniture dropshipping business can be tricky at the start. But with the right research and partnering with the best rattan furniture suppliers, you can overcome the challenges.


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