Baby Swaddle Dropshipping: Best Baby Swaddles to Dropship in 2024

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The baby apparel market is booming, and you might be surprised by its market size, reaching USD 291.76 billion by 2030. Young parents want to give the best products to their kids. So they are exploring different websites, checking in-store offerings, and then choosing the most stylish and trendy products for their newborns. One such baby product that has gained popularity is the swaddling and receiving blankets. As a dropshipper, you can start swaddle blankets dropshipping to earn an extra income.

Before exploring unique baby blankets for dropshipping, let’s know why new parents are focusing on swaddling blankets.

What is a Swaddling Blanket?

Swaddling is a way to calm newborns and help them sleep peacefully. In this technique, a thin blanket is wrapped around the baby’s body, mimicking the feeling of being in the womb. Swaddling blankets create a cosy cocoon for babies and calm their startle reflexes. The blanket keeps them warm and offers a sense of security. Because of the many benefits this blanket has to offer, parents want to buy the best swaddling blankets allowing you to dropship swaddling blankets right on time.

If you have made up your mind to dropship swaddling blankets, you must choose unique baby blankets for dropshipping. Look for the softest fabric, product design, durability, and your supplier’s services before starting swaddle blankets dropshipping.

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Top 6 Softest Swaddle Blankets to Dropship in 2024

Picking up the best receiving blankets for dropshipping business will help you reach your target audience faster. We have mentioned the trendiest & softest swaddle blankets for dropshipping in this list here. Without wasting much time, let’s see which products will help you multiply your profits.

Swaddling Blanket Leopard

This swaddling blanket with leopard print is best for babies of up to 4 months. Made with soft cotton, Bo Jungle swaddling wrap gives maximum comfort to babies and keeps them secure during their sleep. Also, parents can wrap their baby in this blanket in three easy steps. What else can we say more? It is one of the best swaddle blankets for dropshipping stores.

Key Selling Points

  • Perfect fit
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Combines black, white, and brown colours for a trendy design
  • Cute print
  • EAN:1703731722003

Swaddle Up Transition Bag

Ideal for warm climates, this swaddle bag can be easily transitioned into a regular sleeping bag. Once babies start rolling during their sleep, it is suggested to avoid using a swaddle blanket. This 2-in-1 transition bag is a perfect addition to wholesale baby supplies as it easily converts into a regular sleeping bag for babies. Love to Dream baby swaddle is a must-have swaddle blanket for dropshipping stores.

Key Selling Points

  • Made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane
  • Zip-off wings for a unique design
  • Single layer of fabric to stop overheating
  • Ideal for babies of 3-6 months
  • EAN:9343443006804

Swaddling Blanket Ocean Whales

Imprinted with whales and ocean waves, this swaddling blanket has a cute design. It keeps babies nice and warm throughout their sleeping time. Perfect to calm the startle reflexes of newborn and keep them protected during their nap time. It is a cute addition to your receiving blankets dropshipping store.

Key Selling Points

  • Made with 100% cotton material
  • Soft prints
  • Use of light colours: White & Blue
  • EAN:1703731725004

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Swaddling Blanket Grey and White Tiger

Help babies sleep easily and calm their fussiness by adding this swaddle blanket to your wholesale baby supplies collection. Cutely designed, the Bo Jungle swaddling blanket keeps babies in place, controlling their movements when sleeping. It also keeps their hands in place, stopping them from scratching their face while sleeping.

Key Selling Points

  • Comes with a hook & loop fastener
  • Made with cotton material
  • Suitable for babies weighing up to 6.4 kg
  • EAN:1703731721006

Swaddle Up Transition Bag Lite Stage

This transition bag puts the baby into a deep slumber. Now parents don’t have to worry about loose blankets that get kicked off during sleep. Ideal for babies from 3 to 6 months, the swaddle-up transition bag keeps newborns away from rolling over while sleeping. It is one of the customer favourites pick-me-up swaddle blanket for dropshipping stores.

Key Selling Points

  • Two-way zip for opening & closing the bag
  • Soft, gentle, and breathable material
  • Unique wings for natural ARMS UP position
  • Perfect to be used in temperatures between 24-27 ºC
  • EAN:9343443101127

Swaddle Up Transition Bag Original Stage

The transition from a swaddling blanket to a normal sleeping bag can be fussy for babies. But not with the Love to Dream baby swaddle transition bag. It is one of the softest swaddle blankets for dropshipping business owners. This swaddle transition bag is the ideal way to help a baby graduate from swaddling while maintaining the snug and cosy feeling.

Key Selling Points

  • Helps baby sleep properly in their ideal sleeping position
  • Regulates body heat
  • Machine washable and tumble dry friendly
  • EAN:9343443101240


Swaddling offers many benefits to babies including better sleep. It offers them the warmth and comfort needed for a tight sleep. As newborns sleep for 12-16 hours daily, offering them the best sleeping experience is important. A deep slumber promotes their growth and boosts immunity. So parents do everything they can do to help their babies sleep better & swaddling is the best way that let babies sleep faster.

Growing parental awareness about the benefits of swaddling has pushed the global demand for swaddle blankets. It’s the right time for you to start dropshipping baby products and add swaddle blankets to the dropshipping store of yours.

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